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In Syria, preparing for elections and establish a peaceful life

В Сирии готовятся к выборам и налаживают мирную жизнь

In Syria preparing for parliamentary elections to be held tomorrow. In the U.S. their results refused to admit in advance: as said state Department spokesman mark Toner, this is a premature step. Meanwhile, the Russian military expand humanitarian aid to Syrians. This time in the province of Deraa: there delivered three tons of food and necessities. The humanitarian convoy was met by both adults and children.

Every city has its own heroes of the undeclared war. This woman from the outskirts of El Keene came to the rally with a portrait of his son, who died defending his home.

“This guy fought against those who came to our land, and fell in battle like a true hero. I am sure that success in this struggle will be behind us. We stood against this international conspiracy. Ultimate victory lies ahead, and I have no doubt,” says one of the locals.

Russia over the last six months in regular Syrian troops from the air, and local residents — on the ground, daily delivering food and medicines to the villages located in the frontline zone.

Russian officers, representatives of the regional Centre for reconciliation, have long switched to clock mode. Talks, trips to remote areas, the distribution of humanitarian aid, signing of the bid sheets for adherence to the ceasefire… With difficulty, but the warring parties to contact.

“This is primarily due to the victory, which won the government forces in Palmira and other successful operations. People are tired of war — fifth year of the war, he was already exhausted and had exhausted all”, — said the representative of the Russian centre of reconciliation in the Damascus province of the jury Traev.

“A month and a half ago, about a thousand militants surrendered their arms, and we made sure they had returned to civilian life. Russia — the chief mediator. Now we have an agreement on a ceasefire in the province of Deraa. I assure you that the government and representatives of armed groups strictly abide by it”, — said the Deputy Governor of the province Dara’a Awad Sweden.

Surprisingly, in the village of El-kin, a few miles from which are still standing militants, peaceful life is not interrupted. Yes, at the local school there are very few teachers — they fled from war. Yes, among the disciples there is a loss.

“I have two brothers died in this war. But I understand that they defended their homeland, and I’m certainly proud of,” says one of the students.

But the school year is on schedule, and even students dream about, they have one subject — Russian language.

Thank You, Russia!

Well, the older big idea on the economy — olive trees have appeared ovaries and they now need abundant watering. To scored oil, and to a rich harvest.

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