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In Russia will punish non-information?

Как в России будут наказывать за недоносительство?


What happened?

The Russian Parliament plans to toughen the criminal code. Among other things, the deputies propose to prosecute people who are not informed about committed or prepared crimes. It is not about any crimes, and on a certain list of articles. Responsible for a new article I want to draw from the age of 14.


And what are these crimes?

Such crimes only sixteen, so we’ll just quote verbatim the list from the Criminal code:

— Terrorist act

— Facilitating a terrorist activity

— Public appeals to implementation of terrorist activity or public justification of terrorism

— Training in order to carry out terrorist activities

— Organization of a terrorist community and participation in it

— Organization of activities of a terrorist organization and participation in activities of such organization

— Hostage situation

— Organization of illegal armed formation or participation in it

— Hijacking an aircraft or water transport or railway rolling stock

Illegal treatment of nuclear materials or radioactive substances

— Theft or extortion of nuclear materials or radioactive substances

— An encroachment on life state or the public figure

— Violent seizure of power or forcible retention of power

— Armed rebellion

— Attack on individuals or institutions that enjoy international protection

— An act of international terrorism (this article in the Criminal code, but the deputies propose to introduce the same bill).


I heard talking on the street about any bombs. If will not carry, I will be punished?

It is unknown. The bill proposes to punish for failing to report violations or about “authentically known forthcoming”. That is, it is assumed, apparently, that person can be brought for the non-information only if it was reliably known about the preparation of the crime, but he said nothing. Without the judicial practice difficult to understand how will work the new normal.


And if the offence intended brother? Or the wife?

Then for not informing will not be punished. Here’s a quote: “a Person shall not be criminally liable for not informing about the crime committed by his spouse or close relative”. Close relatives — parents, children, brothers and sisters, grandparents and grandchildren.


What will be the punishment?

A fine from 200 thousand to half a million rubles, compulsory work or imprisonment for up to three years.


How do the authorities explain the need for such a law?

The introduction of the article about the “failure” in the explanatory Memorandum to the bill does not specifically explained. In General, the members believe that the package of amendments “will allow to raise guarantees of security of life and health of citizens and to counteract any form of involvement in criminal activity”. Based on what this statement is unknown.


The bill would pass?

It is unknown, but the probability of the adoption of the bill is very high, since the document was made by the chairmen of the relevant committees of the Duma and Federation Council deputies Irina Yarovaya and Viktor Ozerov. However, at the moment of signing of the bill by the President the text will change a lot.

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