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In Russia the production will be deployed smartphones and tablets

Everyone has heard about the import substitution in this area, but so far this has manifested itself in computers that are lagged behind for five years and valued at a couple hundred thousand. However, all may rise to a completely different level, because our country is devoted to the production of smartphones and tablets. Of course, while nothing is confirmed officially, but the name of the future smartphone and other mobile electronics already there: “Roselectrocenter”.

Judging by the name, the Corporation would be public and, according to preliminary data, will produce not only gadgets, but also products for defense and space industries. However, the mainstream electronics is currently a priority for the “Roselektronika”, and the production capacity should be more than 4.5 million devices per year, which will make “Roselectrocenter” the biggest company in its field.

Apparently, production will be located on the territory of the Pskov region, as “Roselectrocenter” already claims the status of resident of special economic zone “Moglino” and that is where it is located. In the construction of the plant will invest 2.8 billion rubles, and part of the funds will be attracted from abroad. If all goes according to plan, “Roselectrocenter” at first will be able to offer 700 jobs, and then the staff will be expanded to 3,000 people.

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