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Foreign assets found in the Pskov Governor Turchak and the head of the Chelyabinsk region

Зарубежные активы найдены у псковского губернатора Турчака и главы Челябинской области

Defendants resonance investigation about the owners of offshore companies among the world’s politicians were two Russian governors. Leaked documents from a Panamanian company Mossack Fonseca has allowed journalists to communicate the head of the Pskov region Andrey Turchak with Burtford company Unicorp Inc., registered in the British virgin Islands. In addition, the authors of the investigation, learned of the Spaceship offshore Consulting in Panama, which was used by the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Dubrovsky.

According to the MF documents, from 2008 until may of 2015 the company’s sole shareholder Burtford Unicorp Inc. was Kira Turchak, Governor of Pskov wife, writes “Novaya Gazeta”. In this case, the law, ownership of foreign financial instruments, including shares of offshore, prohibited the governors and their spouses.

Burtford Company Unicorp Inc. was established in August 2008. For nearly seven years, 100% of the shares of the offshore company belonged to Kira Turchak. At the time of registration of the company Andrey Turchak is not the first year is professionally involved in politics, consisted of “United Russia” and was a member of the Federation Council from the Pskov region. Led the region in 2009 and remains to this day on this post.

Before entering politics Turchak was engaged in business, in particular, has joined the Board of Directors of the holding company “Leninets”. This enterprise is still owned by the family of the Governor and focuses mainly on the implementation of defense contracts.

It turned out that the employees “Leninist” assisted the wife to manage Turchak owned by an offshore company. The first Director Burtford Unicorp Inc. in 2008, Maxim Zhavoronkov, who at that time held the position of Deputy Director of the “Leninist.” Thus since 2009 lark has been Deputy Turchak in Pskov region and in the list of his credentials include, for example, “detection of abuses or offences, the organisation of internal investigations and audits”.

Larks are not reported by “Novaya Gazeta”, whose interests were established Burtford company Unicorp Inc.. “Until 2009, I worked in JSC “Leninets holding” Deputy General Director for corporate policy. I had a professional, personally-confidential relations with the person in which interests were established mentioned by you company. That is why to spread about the company Burtford Unicorp Inc. I’m not authorized,” said the current Deputy Turchak. Gavrenkov noted that the offshore company was registered in 2008, i.e. before the moment when he took public office. “The company had nothing to do with the Pskov region and activity in the Russian Federation not implemented”, – said the interlocutor of the edition.

After lark became the official Director Burtford Unicorp Inc. was Alexey Vetrogonskogo. Currently he directs the JSC “Management company “Leninets”, 0,025% of which is owned by Kira Turchak.

Turchak’s wife is caught in possession of foreign assets

According to “Novaya Gazeta”, the family Turchak is not the first time gets possession of foreign assets. In early 2013 it became clear that Turcicum since 2008 belonged to the company, which was recorded in a house in France worth € 1.3 million. Turchak didn’t declare these assets, neither as a Senator nor occupying the post of Governor.

Kira Turchak then told reporters that the family of the Governor first bought a house, then not lived there a single day and eventually decided to sell the property. In submitted in March 2013 Declaration Turchak was first mentioned by a French company, and then reported on the sale of Villa.

A law prohibiting officials to have accounts in foreign banks was signed in may of the same year. In an interview to “Kommersant” Turchak in this regard, said: “Regardless of the time of adoption of the law “On banning certain categories of individuals to keep their money in foreign banks located outside the territory of the Russian Federation, and to have securities of foreign issuers,” I guarantee that no later than may 1, 2013 my wife will be closed, all accounts in foreign banks located outside Russia”. Were closed accounts in foreign banks, “Novaya Gazeta” check failed”.

Turchak himself tied the story with the purchase of a house in France and Burtford company Unicorp Inc. in the British virgin Islands

The story of offshore “Novaya Gazeta” said Andrey Turchak, linking it with buying property in France your family. “The company Burtford Unicorp was established in 2008 (prior to my assuming the office of the Governor of the Pskov region) for mortgage financing of the acquisition of a flat in France, of which your newspaper and other media outlets have already written. The economic and financial activity on the territory of the Russian Federation, and specifically the Pskov region, the company never conducted. Foreign real estate my family was sold and has been reported in all the media. The company was officially closed on 7 March 2014,” – said the head of the region.

Asked by journalists to clarify why deadlines were not met, the alienation of foreign financial instruments and does not be fulfilled in violation of the law, the Governor replied: “All the necessary formalities, as far as I know, have been complied with immediately after the entry of the 79th of the law. Probably, the process takes some time. I didn’t ask this question”.

It is worth noting that former employees of the holding company “Leninets” was accused of the attempted murder of journalist Oleg Kashin. The victim believes the customer of a crime the Governor Turchak, the charges were refuted.

Chelyabinsk Governor himself was selling promissory notes, owning a Swiss Bank account

Also, the journalists managed to communicate to the Governor of Chelyabinsk region Boris Dubrovsky with a Panamanian offshore Spaceship Consulting S. A.. In 2014, as the acting head of the region, the official used the firm when purchasing the promissory notes of Russian companies that he controlled. By law, Dubrovsky, taking the position in January 2014, had over three months to get rid of foreign financial instruments. But, according to the documents from the base MF, it didn’t. In the agreements the sale and purchase of promissory notes from the acting Governor indicated that he owned a Swiss Bank account Rothschild.

Our database MF there are documents about the two deals Panama offshore Spaceship Consulting S. A., established in August 2014. The first was held on 27 March 2014. Then Spaceship Consulting bought from Magnitogorsk OOO “Economic center” of bills for 5 million roubles. On the same day the offshore company sold promissory notes of Boris Dubrovsky for the identical amount.

The second deal made in April 2014, was similar. Offshore bought bills of 7 million rubles and re-sold them immediately Dubrovsky. For money transfers Dubrovsky used the account in a Swiss BPER (a Private Bank Edmond de Rothschild). By law, Dubrovsky had to get rid of his Swiss account to 16 April (three months after the appointment of the acting Governor), but, according to the documents, he continued to use his account and after the deadline.

In addition, Dubrovsky could be the owner of the offshore, as indicated by indirect signs. First, through his company “NOVATEK” is the official fully controlled the Issuer of the promissory notes of LLC “center of Property”. Documents from the “IC” was signed by Ludmila Varlamova, the former slave Dubrovsky in ZAO “Vladana”. “That is, in a sense, Dubrovsky sold promissory notes to itself, but via a Panamanian intermediary who has not received a dime of profit,” says “Novaya Gazeta”. In addition, both transactions were done one day, papers came in the same email, and the account Spaceship Consulting was opened in the same Bank Rothschild as that of Dubrovsky.

Lastly, the publications were copies of the two General powers of attorney, with which it has been management Consulting Spaceship. Instead of names in these documents indicated only the mysterious name – “Mr. Boris and Ms. Natalya” (Governor Dubrovsky name is Boris, and his longstanding business partner – Natalia Salaeva”. On request “Novaya Gazeta” none of them replied.

According to the register, the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region and belong to many Russian companies: group of companies “Sinai”, LLC “Chelyabstroikon”, LLC “Bobrovsky plant concrete structures “Energy”, OOO “NOVATEK” and LTD “Sand and Gravel quarry”. With the advent of Dubrovsky in the power of some of these companies have significantly increased the volume of state orders, says “Novaya Gazeta”.

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