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In Petersburg has burnt down the car of the wife of Cord

В Петербурге сгорела машина жены Шнура

At the Mariinsky theatre in St. Petersburg burned a parked BMW Alpina, owned by the wife of the leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov. On Thursday, March 3, reports LifeNews.

Until the emergency personnel got to the scene, the flames trying to douse passers-by. According to TV channel, just burned two cars — Audi and BMW Alpina Matilda Corded.
On the website of EMERCOM in St. Petersburg contains the information about the flames damaged two cars. “In the car brand Audi burned out the interior, and in near a parked BMW car burned the hood. Victims and victims aren’t present”, — stated in the message. In extinguishing the fire were involved 10 rescuers and two vehicles.

In the group “accident and emergency | St. Petersburg” in “Vkontakte” are photos from the event. “Set fire to the Audi, and suffered BMW Alpina B6 Corded Matilda”, — said in the caption to pictures.

According to the newspaper “Neva news”, Audi first caught fire and then the flames spread to the BMW Alpina. Mistress Audi has confirmed that the neighboring car belongs to Cord, which is always parked at this place.

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