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In March

March weather is fickle and unpredictable. On the eve of the day Alel and radiated warm light, in the transparent sky melted light as summer clouds, rang drops, and have been screaming voices serious cats fences. Towards evening it became colder, as befits a pure rosy evening. Well, then, let’s go fishin’. Weather in normal.

But the morning opened gray and sepanol snow, at first a handful, then spun and whistled in winter, with snow bringing charges not already handfuls, and tons, probably snow. During the evening the Blizzard choked, the air stopped, became soft and warm. Again sacapano from the rooftops. Again – fees and looking forward to the fishing.

Spring bleak

Today I go for the bleak. At this time, always caught it on our suburban reservoir which connects with the river Low Kokshaga. On the machine there will not approach that, however, just and good. Is not crowded at this reservoir. Only a few get there along the trail from the dam, often protettiva this path, if snow piled up in the morning.

Reservoir capricious. Despite the fact that the fish in it is all up to carp and carp, not to mention bream and other fish common to the river, but sometimes the reservoir freezes so that appears to be dead under the ice of course. This has happened many times, when he came here to bait-sorocos, especially in recent years. Previously, roaches were eating here all the time, and to supply the Kan for an hour or two, as lucky. Now roach was capricious here, hurriedly will not take. However, if you examine the pond, we can probably find the key to him. Bleak but always took. Yeah, I hope so.
Turn the dam across the boiling black water, which is visible landfast ice. On it are sitting ducks, not flying away anywhere and never, living, probably, here all year round. On running and swirling water is integer too many ducks of all kinds and colorings. Further the trail goes along the river, sometimes not freezing all winter. Apparently, the proximity of the city and for give grab the ice.

Here already and the reservoir seen in the distance. This can be seen on the edge of the forest on its shore. Down on the ice and move to the mouth of ducts. All… On the spot. Fit as close as possible to the mouth of the ducts, black water, never closed by ice. Little steps-little steps, feeling an unpleasant chill inside, and suddenly collapses under the feet of the ice. Icepick no. Therefore, the thickness of the ice signal test holes, although I know that falling is possible and next to the hole in a place where the passage ducts washes with ice for hours and even minutes. Here seen perched itself peacefully angler and caught a bleak, and then suddenly a donkey on the box and was thrashing about because in ice slush. So directly under it and washed out… Okay, we were close, but then one is not always possible to get out in this situation. Been there, done that…

But the ice is still pretty good, if absolutely durom not to go to the water. That first hole. Prepare fishing rods. I have a two maggots: white-yellow and the traditional red. One rod put a Donk. The hook on jigs heavy brush motylja and oparysha, and above the hook-zaglotila impaled a single red maggot. Bet on this bait along the Volga habit, they say, the whole “gonna be big” from the bottom takes. Into the hole drop the bait balls, bait mixed with “clay”. Clay is only the smell of something spicy. Not used even once this bait and is it me obvious doubt. But it is necessary to check.

Another easy rod, arranged on the principle of summer float tackle – hooks under the sinker. Such a device gear is designed, of course, only bleak, because to catch her going in Pology. I remember when I first came here, could not understand why the fishermen-neighbors from time to time craving that shines like the sun bleak, I silver tungsten jig, proven time and again, I see only empty bites. Finally, one of my neighbors took pity on him, apparently, above the “teapot”:
I caught from above. What are you lowered on the bottom? And don’t need the jig and the hook. In, look, the fisherman, with a sunburnt redness to the face shows me the snap with a hook and sinker is a bullet on top.
– So my first time here.
So we can see. Bloodworms and nothing will. The bite will be, but one will catch a dozen at best. Here, maggots.
Neighbor occupait me a handful of red maggots.
– On the morning enough.
Thank you.
– Come on, lovi… And now drop into the hole…
Fisher hands me a package with some dry mass.
Is semolina. She gives the cloud. Crumbles on the sides of grains and lures bleak
Warmer then my artless aid, and a lesson learned for the future.

This morning, only embarrassed that no one of the fisherman was not there. Strange… Usually at least three or four sitting here ukleenka. Okay… Maybe due to the fact that working day, and no fishermen here. It’s me, free artist, can afford a fishing trip during the week.
Here is the first bite. Weak, but desperate. Little thing pulls. Exactly. After a few such reckless and empty poklevok get the hook and I see that maggots have been able to Dicker a little. The hook is lowered below to a depth of a meter or more. And a confident strike! There!.. Well, this silver Fox even goes as catch or bait. This time is bleak below, and the top, probably, the verhovki Chica foraged and bumping noses in the bait.

So I’m sitting in one of the ducts, enjoyed the spring morning, a pleasant bite loneliness and bleak. Of course, a lot of bites was incorrect. Here’s a nod shook, bent down, think, all, gotcha! No… Empty. But still it was not boring. Most importantly, it bites, what more do you want?
But soon all came to a standstill in some drowsy surprising that I became sleepy. The sun poured all around completely, rustled the snow, falling down under the sunlight, it was warm. Bleak and biting stopped as if on command. Also, apparently, grow lazy in the sun. Maybe a lull? But half an hour passed, and the nod only twitched under the blows of the sassy snips. Bleak or went, or stood somewhere in the shade. A fishing rod with a heavy jig all morning did not have any bite.

Sipping tea from a thermos, decide for themselves the task: to gather home early, where else can you go where to look for this elusive fish cunning?
There is also a second duct connecting the reservoir with the river. But remember, there have always been dangerous gullies. Okay, not sit here, looking in vain for a nod. Forward!

Perch and minnows

Walking down the trail on the ice, throwing Shoe covers on the sides sparkling in the sun snow porridge. And here duct. So… Not very friendly looks she darkened gullies. Especially on the left side of the ice is eaten. Yes… the ice pick would be good.
Gently down on the ice along their trail. Again a storm signal holes. The ice is no thicker than eight to ten centimeters. For pervolakia is a reliable indicator, but now…
In the first hole just under the Bank knocked on the nod. This is clearly not bleak. Exactly. On the line got quite weighty okonek. So the depth of the entire meter. But, apparently, the fish came to shore. Far and away not need.

A few perch were taken on this hole, and fish away. Yet it would be here to stay in packs and take, as on the Volga expanses with three meters of depth… Right from under his feet after nodding bass.
Okay, let’s look a little further. Go without doing it, to the water swirling around under the fallen tree. Further to the exit ducts already seen the riverbed. And on the opposite side stands a fisherman with a summer float rod. No-no, and badgernet silver fish. Heard, settled there in the dugout some hermits. This is probably one of the guys went to warm up with a fishing rod. And the more networks they foraged for food Yes green wine. Not for me to condemn them. Live in nature and feeding from nature. Not beaten only by electrofishing were blocked off with nets and estuary channels of the rivers-spawning grounds. It’s in capitals there is no crisis, and the Outback unhappy lives.

Yeah… Ice is very thin. All… On – impossible. Otherwise, I swim here all by yourself, and no one to help. A storm a couple of holes and drop in one of them the very heavy jig with a hook above. The brush jig impaled worm, and the hook hoisted one bloodworms. In another hole trying to catch bleak in Pology. But no bites. But the corner of my eye see a nod on the other rod suddenly jerked and began to slowly nod down. The chip shot! From the hole spilled a strange fish. Is the gudgeon! This friend I have in Kang. Excellent live bait. One spring, also in March, gave me the minnows on our city reservoir two small pikes: three and five pounds. Only for minnows and took the pike, although there were imitation fish with bleaks and roaches.
And here’s another bite from the bottom! Again gudgeon!..
So, somehow, and I pulled on this March day with selected live bait. Now it’s up to pike. But it is, as they say, another story…

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