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In Kuwait prevented a series of terrorist attacks IG

В Кувейте предотвращена серия терактов ИГIn Kuwait and beyond the three militants were planning the attack.

The interior Ministry of Kuwait announced on Monday that militiamen managed to prevent a terrorist attack of ISIS in the country.

“The Ministry of internal Affairs announced on Sunday that prevented three terrorist attacks against security in the country, having made three preventive RAID out of Kuwait and within it, the purpose of which was the terrorist elements of the so-called DAISH (Arabic acronym of the terrorist group “Islamic state” banned in Russia and several other countries)”, — reads the statement of the interior Ministry.

During the first operation was detained a native of Kuwait, who confessed that he had planned the attack on one of the buildings belonging to the interior Ministry. He also said that he had sworn allegiance to ISIS and obtained orders from the group. This same man told the police of Kuwait of the details of the plans of their attacks. Details about the other two raids is not given.

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