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In Gosloto for a week looking for Novosibirsk, won 358 million rubles

В Гослото уже неделю ищут новосибирца, выигравшего 358 миллионов рублей

Two or three weeks – as much time does a man need to recover after the news about the fabulous prize. These are official figures from Gosloto.

While he is aware of this happy thought until he get used to the fact that his life has changed in a wonderful way – goes through a period, – says Yulia Gavrilova , head of the press service of the company-the distributor of state lotteries. – But that someone didn’t come for the win, this we have not yet been.

The winners pulling with the arrival of the money, can understand. It is unclear what to grab for the bottle of Valerian or a glass of champagne. Life changes 180 degrees. For example, in 2011, 31-year-old accountant from Novosibirskaya Petrova caught luck by the tail. Although very successful themselves is not considered. Divorced her husband, was left homeless with her little daughter in her arms. Huddled in the apartment with her parents, when suddenly a win – more 8 million rubles. Having received them, she first promised to the daughter: “I’ll Buy you a horse…”.

– Probably, our family will grow a future champion in equestrian sport! dreamily thinking of the lucky girl. While it is, of course, have postponed a portion of the amount on the house.

But 8 million rubles, which is a trifle compared with last win, which again accounted for the majority of Novosibirsk. It was in this city in one of the stalls was bought a lottery ticket that will give its owner 358 358 million 566 thousand rubles ! This is the largest sum in the history of Russian lotteries. How to get to the winner of a fortune, says Julia Gavrishova:

– It needs to come to the office vmoskve. The winning ticket, we take it for examination, it can take up to 40 days, after which give money by Bank transfer to the winner.

According to Komsomolskaya Pravda, lotereyschiki transfer the entire amount to the penny. And the owner of million in one year alone comes in tax in a residence and deducts from the winnings of 13%. In this case, the lucky ones will pay the state more than 40 million rubles. Give – and not poorer. What you would have spent a third of a billion?

The prize is really played, but the lucky recipient is yet to be found. Photo: Gosloto

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