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In California there was the first accident at fault “guglomobilya”

В Калифорнии произошло первое ДТП по вине "гугломобиля"

In the U.S. state of California had the first accident caused by driverless car Google’s. According to Reuters, on February 14 in the city of mountain view driverless Lexus RX450h crashed into a municipal bus in attempt to avoid lying on the roadway sandbags. As a result of accident nobody suffered — “Google car” only damaged the left side of the bus the front wheel and the front driver sensor.

The state of California legalized the use of vehicles with the autopilot feature on the roads of the state in September 2012. On the streets of mountain view is now touring to 20 driverless cars by Google. The computer system in these machines in real-time processes information from onboard cameras, special sensors and radar, allowing the “Google cars” to maneuver in traffic with very high accuracy without human intervention.

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