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In 2015, the Russians lost more than 20 billion rubles of funded pensions

В 2015 году россияне потеряли более 20 миллиардов рублей накопительных пенсий

In 2015, due to the launch of the system of guaranteeing pension savings have been revoked the licenses of many pension funds, not managed to prove to the Central Bank its financial stability.

In the annual report of the Agency for Deposit insurance presented the results of widespread deprivation of the license. In 2015 just been disbarred 21 Fund. These funds in total owned 65,8 billion rubles of pension savings.

This year the number of funds who have lost their license to 27. What amount of savings will be able to be restored, we learn only after the sale of the remaining property assets. But forecasts are not optimistic.

According to the law part of loss of savings of pension funds, by the time the license needs to compensate the Central Bank. Will be reimbursed the face value of paid insurance premiums for the accumulative part of the pension. But the investment income that accumulates within a few years, is not compensable.

After the meeting of 4 April, the DIA and the Central Bank has not announced in what specific amount released by the Central Bank and citizens with deprivation of licenses NPF in 2015.

In the report of the Pension Fund of Russia refers to the amount of 45 billion rubles, which must reimburse the Central Bank. It is the value of all contributions to savings accounts of customers NPF.

To date, offset by only 42.5 billion rubles. On the basis of calculations FIU citizens lost about 20 billion rubles — the amount of investment income NPF.

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