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Identified ways to eat more raw vegetables

Названы способы, как есть больше сырых овощей The doctors gave advice on how to force yourself to eat more healthy vegetables.

You are what you eat. But this statement does not mean that if you will eat healthy vegetables, you will be… in fact, a vegetable 🙂 . On the contrary! Regularly eating vegetables, in which many of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients, you will be able to make a right step to the right way of living and good health.

But so often in everyday life, we, full of good intentions, forget about their determination to maintain a healthy diet and again throw on the junk food, snack on the go fast food or cooking for the whole family products.

If you would like to break this vicious circle and still take care of your health and improve the diet, then this release is for you!

“If you will keep in the fridge healthy food, you will eat healthy food!” The statement seems too obvious and logical? But it’s true! Often our work and busy routine get in the way to healthy eating. Leave at least one day a week to purchase fresh vegetables and fill the fridge with healthier choices.

Prepare the vegetables in advance. Wash and chop the vegetables and put them in the refrigerator so they’re always handy. Besides, cooking will be faster.

Breakfast. To get started, use olive oil instead of sunflower. Then put into the pan the vegetables and fry them. Then add eggs and mix. Voila! You got a vegetable omelet

Blender. Just one spoon of sugar to swallow the pill? That’s an idea! Put in your fruit mix a little spinach to neutralize its herbal flavor.

Snack vegetables. Adjust the chips for vegetables. Just do it!

Lunch. Salads in jars? Brilliant! Eat one at the beginning of lunch. Who knows, maybe you do not want.

Dinner. Steamed vegetables. Toss the vegetables in the slow cooker in the morning, and they will be ready by the evening.

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