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“I hope that the fans of the Soviet film adaptation of I don’t curse”

"Надеюсь, фанаты советской экранизации меня не проклянут"

The film “Mr Holmes” by bill Condon, about the age of Sherlock as a perfect drama

In hire — “Mr. Holmes” by bill Condon, an amazing movie that is not trying to compete with Conan Doyle in detektivnoi. Instead, the film is, what could be the age of the great detective: bees and retrograde memory, post-war England and the new times. Condon said “the Tape.of Uzbekistan” on his picture.

“Ribbon.ru”: How did you hear about the book of Mitch Cullen’s “the Bees of Mr. Holmes”, which is based on the movie?

Bill Condon: I brought her the film producer Anne Carey. I was immediately intrigued, and then Jeff Hatcher wrote the book the perfect scenario. A long time to think I didn’t have. I love Conan Doyle, of course, could not miss the opportunity to play with its mythology, with its character and a whole series of its many versions. It was interesting to imagine what might be Holmes in reality, and in old age (in the movie he was 93 — approx. “The tape.ru”), how would he feel about his public image, but to the profession of a detective and his own past.

You build a lot of jokes around the neglect of Holmes to stereotypes — for example, send him to watch a movie about their adventures.

Yes, it’s important to film the episode! Holmes displeased with the way he described his Watson, to say nothing of entertaining films. And respectfully parodied pre-war adaptation of the Conan-Doyle — films with John Barrymore, Basil Rathbone, Arthur Unterem — it was important for me. In General, “Mr. Holmes” is largely based on an imaginary gap between the way Sherlock feels and remembers, and character in the stories written by Watson, the pulp-fixin to amuse the audience. And this gap is material not only for Comedy but for drama. Neither Watson nor Mrs. Hudson close anymore. Holmes always ridiculed the literary talents of Watson, and now he is trying to write a story about his latest fact — “as it actually was”.

"Надеюсь, фанаты советской экранизации меня не проклянут"

Bill Condon

Photo: Ferdaus Shamim / Zuma / Globalloookpress.com

The hero tries to become a storyteller. Actually, Watson is not in the picture, but his absence palpably.

Exactly — and only this transformation in the narrator finally helps Holmes and Watson to understand what was hiding behind hyperbole and embellishment. But at the same time he for the first time in 93 years — he learns something very important about himself — it’s a real drama. The catalyst for her becoming the curiosity of the child, the son of the maid, played by Laura Linney and, of course, was us, as a kind of reflection of Mrs. Hudson and the changes that have taken place with the world. The same effect occurs already after the Second world war — compared with this catastrophe all the villains, who had to deal with Holmes, minions. He understands it perfectly. So it was seriously stupid to do detective. Even flashback-the memories of the last case Sherlock’s not quite a detective. It seems to me, Holmes, brilliant, grumpy loner, sewn internal conflict and try to resolve it was much more interesting than to solve another detective mystery. These films about Holmes and so lacking.

You yourself what is the screening like?

Favorite? Probably “the Private life of Sherlock Holmes” by Billy Wilder. I know that this is not the canonical version, but this is a great movie! Wilder finds an interesting way to approach the character differently than anyone else, shows his world. But the spirit of Conan Doyle he still catches. Fans — or rather, Sherlock fanatics, probably not much like it, but then, they are fans. And in Russia, well you know Sherlock?

"Надеюсь, фанаты советской экранизации меня не проклянут"

Still from the film “Mr Holmes”


Ask! Conan Doyle was, I think, and now is, in every home. And how many times it was read. Best we have is widely recognized as a self-telecomitalia. Is a truly popular cult, like to say that no one has played Holmes as Lebanon, and as proof bring the medal that he was awarded the Elizabeth II.

Seriously? Now I will have a look. Honestly, I could not even imagine. Well, I hope that the fans of the Soviet film adaptation of I don’t curse. We have dealt with Holmes very carefully.

Asked on his role Ian McKellen. He also played you in “Gods and monsters” 20 years ago. Sir Ian has changed a lot as an actor?

Actually it’s been 18 years. It’s funny that when he read the script, called me with the words: “bill, so it will not work, you’re making me play a half role for the price of one”. That is Holmes in 93 years and 60 something in the flashback. But he was joking, of course, then, “I’m too young for this…” Well, you know. Our make-up artists it is very convincingly aged. And Ian… of Course, he’s changed. During these 18 years he really became famous thanks to roles in “the Lord of the rings”, “hobbit” and “X-Men”. That is, his fame never changed, he stayed himself. But recognition is another matter: he became more relaxed, more confident in themselves and their capabilities. He knows better, what schedule is perfect for him. In its own way is logical. “Gods and monsters” talked about not fully understood, not adopted on the merits of the character, the Director of “Frankenstein” James Whale, Ian and I have invested in his own experiences and fears. And aging is devoted to “Mr. Holmes” we shot, having got old 20 years — it’s time to get worried about it (laughs).

"Надеюсь, фанаты советской экранизации меня не проклянут"

Still from the film “Mr Holmes”


As for the fans, with them you deal not for the first time. In General, your courage in this respect to be envied.

You mean “Twilight” (Condon took third and fourth films in the Saga — approx. “The tape.ru”)? It was a very interesting experience. I was curious what it’s like working on a project that has attracted such attention. I wanted to know for yourself, how are the really big Hollywood blockbusters, to learn something. For example, I realized how important it is sometimes not enclose the entire control process. On “Twilight” with producers and Studio dishwasher you have no other choice, you must be able to work in a team. But this, again, cool experience. I certainly don’t regret my decision. It incredibly helps me now, when over half a year has passed, the work on “Beauty and the beast” for Disney. There are incredibly a lot of computer graphics, it is drawn very slowly and even slower re-draw when we decide to change something.

With it you’re asking for comparisons to the classics, but with disney cartoons.

That’s right, and we understand that. Moreover, we have feature films. You have to remember that not everything that worked in the cartoon would also look good with the actors, no matter how good CGI. Therefore, unlike the cartoon, our film is not a musical. Tracks would look ridiculous. Of course, we had to achieve and the characters — from Belle to Gaston and live interior Monsters were recognizable, but unique.

I hope you are there and a bit from Cocteau?

Of course, not too little. His hand I really think the best — certainly the most poetic and magical.

And that took a “Fifth power” — about Julian Assange, no regrets?

No, but it was a much tougher experience. Not everything went as we would like. Not even shooting the film, around the film and its release. First there was this angry open letter to the Assange that we’ve all been printed. He was indignant, but had not yet seen the movie! He disowned in case of failure — and at the same time set us up. Assange somehow decided that since we will deal with his enemies — so will take their side. We wanted to understand and show that story from different angles, and in a good, sympathize with him. He then watched the film and actually commended him, but it was too late: the “Fifth power” appeared negative background, reviews went bad, and the viewer, too, turned away. If we forget about this whole shuck — I’m happy with the film, though commercially it failed.

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