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An interesting thing happened in Volgograd. Italian couple wanted to adopt a child (with mental problems, although it seems not sharp). And, finally, overcoming all obstacles, achieved his goal. Adopted. New mom and dad love the child, and the child long before the adoption. And here they were for a passport for the child to fly with all together in Italy, when the child get up to mischief and started to run out into the roadway. Dad decided to bring to life and not grabbed by the hand, not slapped, maybe (it can admit – I do not know what forms of physical action taken towards children in Italy), it was a slap or slap – word, by the way, all Russian, that is, these actions for our culture quite familiar. As, however, and the words “whip”, “whip”, “beaten” and other affectionate synonyms like “to give birch porridge”. Now, along refuses (by accident, of course, as a piano in the bushes) the head of the regional TFR, he calls the police, the child is taken to the hospital, my dad put under recognizance not to leave and initiate a criminal case under article 116 “the Beating”. How you think, how many percent of our parents can be prosecuted for the beatings (acts that cause physical pain) their children? That’s right – not 99.999 percent, and exactly 100. And not one thousandth of one percent less.

At the hospital the child carefully examined. Of course, find nothing. But shoot about 4 TV coverage – for the First channel, “Russia-24”, for “News of Volgograd” and another for “Russia-24”. The child from a dysfunctional family are taken away and sent back to the orphanage. Happy end. Curtain. Children’s rights are protected.

What I want to write on more than a platitude. But I have to. A few years ago I came across a story about adopted by a family priest, a girl about fifteen years old, which the adoptive mom and dad systematically for the slightest offense was whipped with a belt. Kicks under a hundred so – so I was. And behaved well. It was discovered by accident – girlfriend’s parents noticed. What was the reaction of society? Well, you know. And what is the reaction of society to the actions of the guardianship of Europe, which allow our emigrant to beat their children? And you know it. What’s the point of protest against the juvenile justice system? And in the fight for traditional family values? Yes the most simple sense is a struggle for the right to beat their child. (And because, in fact, is sometimes necessary. Well, at least, lest he be hit by a car. As in any business there should be no dogmatic extremes.) In General, what’s there to talk – physical punishment of children constitute the Central and most integral part of our traditional culture. And that’s not too healthy boy with unsuccessful fate broke my life for nothing, for nothing is so evident… But, of course, is not just. The boy paid for the policy. If the First channel would give five-minute reports on each slap and pestilence. But here the case is different…

But I began to write not to tell once again about the obvious: lies of the media lies disguised as the truth about the politicization of the right keepers and the hypocrisy of the guardianship. This is not interesting here. It is interesting the state of society, which it swallows. Moreover, the state is not even morality, but simply intelligence. In a very real, psycho-pathological sense.

Just imagine. Just wyborowy son for a bad dad turns on the TV, watching a program about the atrocities of nesostojavshajasja dad is Italian and indignantly tells the household: “Well, the bandits are the Italians!”. And mom, in the morning alaskausa daughter’s hair (she has not removed the toys), picks up: “Yes, Nike they have no spirituality. Well, nothing, thank God, we did not miss: rescued the child.”

To receive similar stories, therefore, need to suffer mental disorders of a special kind. For a normal person it is impossible. He knows that parents sometimes have to use force against their children. He knows the family better than in the orphanage. And anyway, he knows a lot of things. Seeing this transfer he should be full of anger against the authors. First, because lying to him in the eye. Secondly, because they consider an idiot. Thirdly, because speculating on his best feelings – for the love of children and love of country. Fourth, because the Central characters have trampled on the children’s life. Fifthly, because is unbearable to look at such hypocrisy.

It would be a normal reaction is normal, not too smart, not too sophisticated and not even too good of a person. Just – normal.

But those who eat such products without experiencing the natural gag reflex, normal people cannot be considered in any way. It is a pathology. And in General is quite deep.

And here arises the main question, statistic and what percentage of society affected by this disease? What percentage are unable to make the simplest logical analysis of some higher abstractions like economic or geopolitical situation of the country, and situations, are perfectly familiar to their own experiences and family situations? 86%? No, of course not 86. And how much?

This is not an idle question. This is about our future. Anyway, the closest.

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