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How would the world be different if people didn’t eat meat

Как бы изменился мир, если бы люди не ели мяса

If people did not eat the flesh of other creatures on the planet could happen. What is next in our material.

For many years now, different representatives of mankind are endless disputes over whether to eat meat or not. Some people prefer to stick with the vegetarianism, explaining his choice by the fact that it is not only good for the body, but also saves lives nor in cum innocent animals. Others do not see how you can abandon the fragrant juicy kebab or roast, explaining his passion for eating meat its use, because this natural product contains a number of amino acids that the human body cannot produce on its own.


Who of them all the same rights? Perhaps the truth is hidden somewhere in the middle. Nonetheless, researchers and scientists, as always, build their idea, what would be different in the world if people gave up meat.


Как бы изменился мир, если бы люди не ели мяса

1. Improving the environment

Scientists believe that livestock is one of the main factors that destroy the ecology of the planet. Because raising animals on an industrial scale is the release of more greenhouse gases than all forms of transport combined. In addition, this requires agricultural land, under which are destroying valuable forests.

In 2009, the Minister of health of great Britain Andrew Burnham suggested that if we reduce livestock population by 30 %, in 2030 the agricultural sector would emit 50% less carbon dioxide. Meanwhile, the number of people dying from heart disease will decrease by 18 thousand a year.


Как бы изменился мир, если бы люди не ели мяса

2. The abundance of drinking water, which is enough for everyone on the planet

Stockholm international water Institute published a report, according to which “if humanity continues to follow current trends and go everywhere on a diet peculiar to modern Western culture, by 2050, there wasn’t enough water to drink 9 billion. Only enough water in that case, if the proportion of animal food in the diet of people will be reduced to 5%.” According to the same report now in agriculture uses about 70% of the freshwater resources of the planet.


Как бы изменился мир, если бы люди не ели мяса

3. The availability of healthy food, which is enough for all

Experts do question the profitability of the meat industry, the profitability of which is doubtful. They believe that this is one of the main causes of hunger in the world.

According to statistics, in the world today are starving a billion people. Meanwhile, in the US fed 90% soy and 80% corn slaughter cattle. It is assumed that these volumes would be enough to feed at least 800 million hungry.


Как бы изменился мир, если бы люди не ели мяса

4. Meat and profitability

There are nearly 17 billion farm animals. This amount is more than twice the number of people. Maintaining them is a lot of food.

Scientists estimate that all the animals which are bred for production of meat products, consume more protein than you can deliver. 10 pounds of grain, fed animal, giving just 1 kilogram of meat. However, the problem of food for the animals, the farmers of many countries to cope very successful, many large companies recognize that it is cheaper and far-sighted to buy food abroad, or to relocate their cattle. Exactly what the U.S. did to Haiti (one of the poorest countries in the world where the large part of fertile land is used for planting alfalfa in food reaching American cows).


Как бы изменился мир, если бы люди не ели мяса

5. Meat substitutes

Scientists and geneticists have learned to grow artificial meat from stem cells, however, it is unlikely that the new product will be affordable for many meat lovers. The cost of one of the cakes is more than 300 $! All lovers of meat scientists are preparing disappointing news: in the foreseeable future people will not be able to eat as much meat as eat today. This is due to meat prices, which is already being felt. Act forecasts that in 100 years the meat is a delicacy, and breeding of farm animals could become a new “trick” of high society.

In light of these possible events futurologists predict that the alternative to meat for mankind will be the… insects! Oddly enough, but this market already exists and is growing rapidly. The company Chapul and Exo are releasing and selling the bars with ground beetles and grasshoppers, and the Bizarre Food company grows and sells herbal moth larvae.

Perhaps some of these hypotheses scholars will rejoice, others will grieve. Someone thinks that the life of all mankind without meat — the complete utopia, and the other believes in it sincerely. Most importantly, do not forget that primarily we are all human, and we need to bring good and light to forgive and love.


Как бы изменился мир, если бы люди не ели мяса

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