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How to rent an apartment

Как правильно сдать квартиру

You decide to rent an apartment. You are doing it yourself or with the help of a real estate company, you conclude with the lessee a contract of employment.

If your tenant is a legal entity the rental agreement. The standard contract contain a mandatory list of items. However, there are points recommended, are optional. Their goal is to protect primarily the interests and the property of the landlord. Consider examples of these points.

The contract must be listed by name (!) tenants and their passport data. It happens that for some reason the tenants do not want to do this, preferring to issue a lease only for one of the tenants. Do not go at them on occasion. If the apartment will accommodate a person who is not specified in the agreement, the lessor has the full right to terminate the contract. Each as specified in the agreement, the person shall be equal to the responsibility assumed, by contract, obligations.

Should be subject to the inspection of the apartment. You should be able to come and inspect the condition of your rented apartment and with her property, for which the contract is issued, a catalogue of all that are in the apartment, property, and specifies its technical condition (condition of plumbing, appliances, kitchen equipment and toilet facilities etc.). Listed property must be assessed, and assign the responsibility of the lessee in case of damage.

You must specify how and in what terms the lessee is obliged to compensate the damage caused to the apartment or property, if such will be the case.

Control over the payment of telephone negotiations it’s also better to specify in advance. You should be able to verify the absence of debts.

Discuss and fix in the contract the conditions under which each party may terminate the agreement. You and the tenant should have the opportunity, but its implementation is better to specify in advance.

The order of transfer by the lessee of the apartment to the landlord negotiated a special clause in the contract. Specifies the time of transmission, the presence of one or more tenants (in accordance with the number of tenants), verification of the condition of the property according to the inventory in the agreement.

Optional, but desirable to attach to the contract copies of passports of all tenants. This item is a recommendation. And if you attach to the contract copies of passports, make sure they are genuine.

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