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How to maximize the speed of your Internet connection

Valid often different from the desired. For example, the provider promises one Internet speed while loading pages is much slower to upload files you have to spend a lot of time and so on. Fortunately, sometimes the problem can be solved independently to obtain an acceptable result after few minutes. There are three effective way to increase Internet speed.

Check the equipment network status and connection speed
The first step is quite logical. In order to test your Internet speed, you should run any of the available online services, allowing to assess the speed of data transfer in both directions.
Find similar websites very easily by using the search engines Google, Yandex and others. In this case, we recommend the following tips:
* To test the service simultaneously on multiple services.
* To recheck the results after some time.
* You may set one of the special plugins that will enhance the efficiency and validity of test performed.
* It is advisable to choose the server for testing so that from it to actual location of the user’s PC was the minimum distance.

The second stage is the comparison of the results with the claimed speed connection to the Internet from the provider. On that note:
* Attractive offers from the service provider. Sometimes it is better to switch to another tariff that allows you to obtain the best results at a lower cost.
* To understand the difference between megabits (is speed) and megabytes (advertised link speed). 1 MB = 8 Mbit. Based on this information, compare the declared value with the actually received result.
The third stage is a purely technical issue, which should perform the following procedure:
* Restart modem, router, router. That is, do not restart the computer, and disable it for 30 seconds the required equipment. Quite often this approach can solve the problem.

* Search for conflicting equipment, for example, a radiotelephone, wireless camera and so on. If equipment operate on the same frequency (e.g., 2.4 GHz), the Internet speed will always be less than optimal. The way out is to change the router for another model with different characteristics operating frequency, or disable the conflicting equipment while connected to the Internet.
* Check the bill for the Internet connection. Some providers have limits that, if exceeded, where the speed will actually fall, even if there are no other reasons for this.
* Call support very often accelerates the process, as the problem can solve the other side of the cable.
* To analyze the load on the network. Sometimes a large number of other users who are simultaneously trying to access the Internet, can actually reduce the speed of the service. In this case, you will have to endure, or to look for another service provider.
* The distance between Wi-Fi equipment and PC influences the speed of the Internet connection. It is recommended to minimize it, and deleted between two points in the presence of obstacles, such as walls, furniture and so on.
* The use of DSL technology. In this case, for signal transmission using a telephone cable that connects to the splitter. For the effectiveness of such compounds it is recommended to choose only high-quality equipment. Maybe replace the splitter solve the problem.
* The use of satellite Internet. The network in this case may be influenced by bad weather conditions. Snow, thunderstorms, rain – all of which reduces the stated rate, so you’ll just have to wait for some time.

Optimization of computer and network
This stage should not cause serious problems for a user who has minimal knowledge about the capabilities of their own PC, as well as the processes that affect its performance. To solve the problem of how to increase Internet speed, can the following recommendations:
* Weekly use of antivirus programs. Full diagnostics, virus scan, of course, in the most current version will allow you to find and remove viruses that can cause slowing of the speed of your Internet connection.

* The destruction of malware and spyware. Such programs can be installed on the user’s computer unbeknownst to the latter and really slow down all of the important processes. There are many services that allow you to easily solve a similar problem, and also to test your Internet speed: Hitman Pro, Adw Cleaner, Spybot Seach &Destroy and so on.

* The toolbar. In the process of operation of the PC, people can create several such structures, which are also cause possible problems with the connection. They should analyze the situation and to remove all the extra toolbars that are no longer needed by the user.
* Change browser. In the process of working with these programs is very often a user installs a variety of additional applications and plug-ins, which, in turn, can lead to a real decrease in the rate of connection to the world wide web. The output is very simple – go to another browser or completely uninstall and then reinstall the old one.
* Problems with the Winchester. Clutter the hard drive can also be a cause of arising troubles. A range of measures (removal of temporary files, defragment will allow you to find a way out. Do not forget that the system partition of the drive should always have at least 15 percent free space for good performance.

* Cache Optimization. Diagnostics and clearing the Cache can also increase high-speed connectivity options. To perform the required procedure in any of the Internet browsers.
* Checking of data usage. Part of installed programs can use the Internet resources in parallel direct to the user on the network. For searching such software should be only a few steps away: with administrator privileges to invoke a command prompt and type “netstat –b 5”, “Activity.txt”. The last command again. To analyze the results, run the “command Manager” to disable or completely uninstall all unnecessary.
* Change Wi-Fi channel. If many users simultaneously use the same channel, this can affect the speed of the network connection. Channel change can lead to change the situation for the better. For systems powered by Windows, a search can be performed using insider for owners of Macs – and KisMac WiFi Scanner.
* Update the firmware of the router. To do this, visit the manufacturer’s website and compare the working version on the user’s device with the suggested option. If the latter is clearly fresh, it should download and reflash the router.

Hardware upgrades
Upgrading of outdated components in your PC – one of ways to solve the problem, although it requires investments in equipment. However, this technique can not only increase the speed of your Internet connection, but also allow the computer to more effectively address other important tasks. What, primarily, should pay attention to:
* The most simple of the available options – increase RAM. Enough to put an extra bar to increase the performance of all processes.

* Change the router to a more modern model. Some users use has long been obsolete equipment, which are designed for entirely different connection speeds. It is necessary to consult specialists in this matter and, if necessary, replace the device.
* Replacement wired modems. Another solution, especially if the device is operated for a long time and at elevated ambient temperatures – this gradually reduces all of his performance.
* Go with a wireless option for cable connection. Wi-Fi system will always give quality signal transmission, reliable optical fiber, so if there is a possibility, it is recommended to use this option. A few additional useful tips. There are some other ways to solve this trouble. Here are some of the most effective options that enable you to understand how to increase Internet speed:
* To use the Internet browser Loband.org that speeds up the display of pages, as it does not use the process image.
* Disable display of pictures in the settings of the used Internet browsers.
* For FireFox is a useful plugin install FasterFox, Firetune, NoScript.
* Mobile Internet and the connection to the low speed rate and will never give an acceptable connection speed.
* Use the remote and slow servers is not conducive to problem solving.
* Do not pay attention to advertising services that promise to solve the trouble – for this, at least, will have to pay money for their owners.

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