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How to increase milk production of the state “cow”

Как увеличить надои государственной "коровы"

Main call what based, and the main – thing for which everything is done. Usually people do not distinguish between the important and basic using both concepts as synonyms. Usually, in life it is to any negative consequences does not. But in some cases the failure to grasp the difference can be fatal. For example, it so happens that for the sake of fulfilling the main tasks cease to carry out the primary and all resources directed to accelerate the achievement of the goal.

And it’s all the same what to cut a bough on which sit. While striving to the main, crumbling Foundation, and soon, recent optimists are surprised to find that they are no longer moving forward and upward, and be lower and lower. Or even right at the very bottom.

Suddenly the Deputy Chairman of the government Olga Golodets declared that salaries in the country is low. “We have everyone in the country receives General secondary education after secondary General education, he enters the market and gets 7.5 thousand rubles, and you talk about productivity”. According to her, the number of poor in Russia has reached 22 million people and it is critical. “We have the distortions that you need to really work out, and without addressing these distortions we will not be able to move forward.” Just found out?

In fact, she supervises social issues, including labor relations. Put her on a post to know how things are going with wages, and she probably knows it. In this case, the cause of her anxiety in another. “Today it is impossible to develop further, now the whole industry is talking about one thing: no matter what we produced, we have no consumer. We have a reduction of consumption. This is the biggest problem”. “And it speaks about the crisis of consumption, which is today the most important factor that hinders economic development”. Looks like an Epiphany.

That’s what makes the crisis with a man! Before everything was pretty in a pink fog, but suddenly the fog shone through something economic – and, from the present unpleasant reality. It turns out that between the level of wages in the country and the consumption level there is a connection. Who would have thought! And even more: there is a relationship between the level of consumption and the development of the industry. Here is the whole science! It turns out that the smaller the paycheck, the less money the people have. The less money, the less they go to the shops, and the less buy. Buy less than the disadvantage to produce what they do not buy. Here’s how artfully everything is arranged!

So, low salaries lead to a crisis in industry and trade. Consequently, high wages will lead to their prosperity. Actually, the first thought of this before (and made practical insights) Henry Ford in the late XIX century, and since then, this idea is widespread and accepted. Well, soon we have! After all, the government are not fools! Information reached consciousness. Although an unusual way, but have reached. I wonder whether there is a following thought: “we Need to do something” – or is it still too difficult? Then it should appear another thought: “What to do”? And from it you will need to bring the following: “Increase of salaries”. Will the government overcome all the stages of the thinking process?

“Those who survived the cataclysm, are in pessimism”. That is, the answer is no. After all, this chain of reasoning is only the beginning of the movement of thought. Next, you will find answers to many difficult questions. And then another, and implement solutions in reality. But in today’s reality, the path to the correct answers is closed. Moreover, for solutions. Only possible wrong. Now, if the government will undertake to solve the problem of wages, what will be its logic? Well, for example, like this.

“Where to get the money to increase salaries? And, by the way, where, all taken from salary? Oh Yes! Wages – the same wages. That is what happens – the need to earn money? Hmm. Is that right… Well let earn! Who prevents? Stop-stop! This will not work. So the question is impossible to formulate. Because once the answer is clear. Not to recognize same! This place must somehow be circumvented. For example, so. Who pays the salaries? The employer. He who sets the salary? He. That’s it – he does it himself! And if the salary is small, it means that he is underpaid. And that’s because of this nobody buys. And, as a result, it is profit and no. Himself punished. Employers! Why don’t you want to earn a lot? Let’s look for a solution. Let’s work together on this. Create a favorable business climate. Increase salaries. You better!”

Why the correct solution is impossible? And therefore!

Back in the USSR, a country ruled by the Politburo and the government. Now run the security Council and the government. The security Council of the Russian Federation, formally, insignificant Advisory body to the President, actually – virtually, of the Politburo. All important decisions are made there. It consist of 12 people (and a further 18 in reserve), which they rule and government. Here the twelve apostles: President Vladimir Putin. Permanent members: A. V. Bortnikov, Sergei Ivanov, Vladimir Kolokoltsev, foreign Minister Lavrov, Valentina Matviyenko, Dmitry Medvedev, Sergei Naryshkin, R. G. Nurgaliev, N. P. Patrushev, M. E. Fradkov, Sergei Shoigu.

Of these, only Medvedev, as Prime Minister, is directly involved in the economy. It is, relatively speaking, “business Executive”. The rest is “policy”. They decide non-economic objectives. They do not produce but only distribute and spend. Decide who, what, how much. The content of the budget deals with the government. Which looks for Medvedev.

Bortnikov, Minister, Fradkov, Shoygu lead directly to the security forces. The administration of the national security Council is also in the hands of security forces (although the former) – that Ivanov, Nurgaliyev, Patrushev. Matvienko and Naryshkin control, respectively, the Federation Council and State Duma. Lavrov, Medvedev, Putin represent the state.

Thus, the main unit power. It shows what are the priorities of those in power. In the allocation of funds advantage of the security forces.

First of all, they tend to spend resources to protect their power, because security uber alles (above all else). Hence the costs of defense and the national guard, hence the struggle with terrorism, extremism, etc. Looking for all possible threats in advance to make arrangements. In fact, this game is unwinnable, because, as we know, harm can be anything – if it is wrong to use it. And, of course, the more they think about their safety, the more threats they find. As a result, in their view, the danger is everywhere. It is noteworthy that they are the governing body of the country is called the security Council, not a Council development, for example.

Secondly, they are engaged in the enrichment of personal and clan. This could be the basis for the development of the country, if they developed their own (albeit illegally taken away and has) production. But as the businessmen since they are their business is not able to generate a profit. And since to get rich they want anyway, then the act is the most affordable – and most primitive – the way: taking money out of circulation.

Each company will have working capital – money used directly in the work. They bought the equipment, materials, fuel, spare parts, of them are paid salaries, they are paid third-party services, they are used for the modernization and expansion of production, and so on and so forth. This is not a profit – to withdraw the money from business and spend the other objectives is impossible, because without them, the work is impossible. If you withdraw, then after a while will stop producing, and the company will become bankrupt.

“If you can not but really want, you can”. Infantile slogan as the business plan. Taken as a guide to action and then do the “accordion”. “Stretch fur” – include your Corporation in all enterprises, is in any way relevant to her profile. “Compressible fur” – pumped out of financial resources, with the result that the Corporation is blown away and becomes bankrupt. You can now change the profile (or use as the basis for another company) and repeat the procedure. Stretchable – compressible, stretchable – compressible:

“I play the harmonica

Passers-by in sight…”

This is a business! Money flowing river! No problem: the country is large, can play a long time. That’s only in the result – bankruptcy of the economy. Default.

Currently on the approach to default specifies the economic crisis (in fact, any economic crisis is indicated). How to overcome it, leaders do not know. More precisely, I know, but the way to overcome conflicts with their interest and breaks their practice. And to combine it is impossible. Remains to prepare for a social explosion.

In this way, they got what they wanted, but overlooked the issue of strengthening his power. They confuse strengthening with protection, thinking that the better they are protected, the safer their position. In fact, the more threats they find, the more resources it takes to prevent that from happening. This means that in the rest of the funds have less. And “everything else” – it is the structure, which they control, that is, the state. With decreasing funding it weakens and collapses. Which means that the number of threats is growing. And so, rising cost of security. And again, the state is weakening. A vicious circle.

To strengthen the authorities need to address the fundamental issue. This is what any normal government – economic development. But the Russian government is subordinated to the security Council, and independent policy conduct can not. He is forced to act within the framework established by the security Council, which calls for only one thing: money. And the conditions in the economy provide a flow of money to the current rulers is unacceptable. The legality, guarantees for private property, guarantees for investment, freedom of entrepreneurship, protection of life – all this “not our values”.

“Our values” is, apparently, questionable sentence, elevated to the principle: “to the cow ate less and gave more milk, need less feed and more milk”.

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