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How to get rid of dark circles under eyes

Как избавиться от темных кругов под глазамиWhitening recipes with bruises under the eyes.

Besides the fact that under eye skin is much thinner than anywhere on your body, it has the ability to darken and for a good look without tested recipes, and effective masks are not necessary.

1. In order to get rid of bruises under the eyes as a compress use ice or a special cosmetic ice cubes with herbs. They not only soothe the skin around the eyes, but will whiten it.

To prepare ice cubes with herbs at home is very simple. Make a decoction of mint or chamomile, and then frost it. Before freezing can add a cucumber or lemon for whitening effect.

2. A simple rapid method to remove shadows under the eyes – apply to the eyes a poultice of the boiled leaves of tea, it will refresh the look and give the skin radiance. But be careful, as the tea can stain the skin a yellowish tint.

More effective this way from dark circles under the eyes if to use to defend the tea leaf tea.

3. Did you know that some oils can be used to mask the skin around the eyes? A good effect will give Arnica, chamomile, lavender, almonds.

Do a nutritional mask to remove the dark circles under his eyes. Repeat no more than 2 times a week, because it is quite heavy for our skin and can cause wrinkling.

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