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How to drink water before, during and after training

Still not sure whether you can drink water during exercise? It is possible and necessary. But how many will now describe.

As you know, the man is 75-80% water, this fluid is necessary for proper functioning of our organism: it takes part in all biochemical reactions, removes waste and toxins is necessary for good digestion, regulates body temperature, etc. Loss of body even a small amount of water can negatively affect overall health. No wonder doctors and nutritionists recommend daily to drink eight glasses of water a day and exercising — even more.



Сколько пить воды до, во время и после тренировки
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Why we need to drink water




Before training



Drinking enough water before the start of classes, we are increasing their effectiveness — the body is saturated with fluid and the muscles will not experience dehydration and, therefore, effective training is guaranteed.




During exercise



During any workout, the body temperature rises, blood thickens, the heart becomes harder and harder. The body starts to produce sweat to bring temperature to normal and to cool the body, thereby losing the liquid. It is important not to wait until the first symptoms of dehydration — dry mouth, dizziness, and training in order to constantly replenish the water balance. Drinking water throughout the class, we provide a good and effective workout, as the loss of body even 1% of the fluid will result in decreased performance by 10%. In addition, during the exercises focused on pumping muscle, is secreted lactic acid cause muscle pain, and this acid from the body may completely withdraw water only.




After training



Depending on the intensity of the exercise is lost on average one liter of water for one hour, so the need to drink after exercise is caused by restoring the water balance. If you ignore the water intake, possible dehydration, or dehydration. Dehydration can lead to metabolic disorder, nausea, strong dizziness, disorders of blood circulation — and it’s not the whole list.




How much you need to drink water



Both low and excessive water consumption can lead to well-being and health, so it’s important to know how much you need to drink water before, during and after training.


Anna Grigorieva

Fitness trainer and our resident expert

— Single formula fits everyone, how much water to drink when the person is trained, you never will be. Everyone has their own normal. It depends on the body type, intensity of perspiration, the type and duration of exercise, weather conditions. The only thing to learn: you need to drink before, during and after training. For example, take the 60-minute moderate intensity workout in the comfort of a gym. 15-30 minutes before exercise should drink one glass of water (250 ml), in the process of training 0,5—1 Cup after workout — 2 cups. Another factor on which you can rely is the weight before and after training. If the weight after the training decreased more than 2%, then you drink enough water is in the process of training.



Сколько пить воды до, во время и после тренировки



Rules of admission of water



  • It is better to drink quality, clean, still water. For example, VOSS.
  • You need to drink water slowly and in small SIPS.
  • What should be the temperature of the water, there is debate. Some believe that it should not be below 10-15 degrees — sweat cools the body temperature during exercise and cold water will give additional cooling and can cause the common cold. Others, conversely, believe that should you drink cold water (about 5 degrees). In favor of the latter opinion there is one study that says consumption of cold water during exercise reduces thermal stress and fatigue. The decision is yours.
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