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How much is the most affordable smartphone Vertu in Russia?

Once upon a time cell phones Vertu-based mobile phones from Nokia, was very popular in our country, and now they are almost unheard of. Yes, normal dialer turned into a fine smartphone, but the demand for them is not growing, and blame the crisis and the relatively high recommended price of these gadgets. So how much money would it take the Russians to buy the most affordable camera phones?

The minimum cost of smartphone brand Vertu in our country is exactly 293000 rubles, and this is the model Vertu Aster Chevron, which has already appeared in domestic retail. As always, the most expensive imposed on the body of the phone is finished with durable Italian cloth adorning a metal shell. Vertu Aster Chevron available in black, blue and pink color options. By the way, all other smartphones Vertu in Russia are at least 100000 more.

On the part of hardware specs of the Vertu Aster Chevron is at the level of Android-smartphone middle class. There is 64 GB of internal memory, camera 13 and 2.1 MP, 4.7 inch Full HD screen has long been outdated processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 801. On the other hand, Vertu owners rarely pay attention to the characteristics. Also, the Vertu Aster Chevron entered the sapphire crystal screen, acoustics, Dolby Digital Plus and a battery capacity of 2275 mAh.

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