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Horticulture, like a cancer, eats Russia

Вертикальтура, как рак, доедает Россию



Horticulture, like a cancer, eats Russia

95 years ago a group of international crooks and adventurers, who came in several sealed wagons through enemy Germany to loose the war and dashami within the ruling class of Russia took power and established an unprecedented in the history of the bloody dictatorship.
During the years of terror of the ruling class of tsarist Russia was not only deprived of political rights, and robbed, but in most and destroyed physically.
Then it was the turn of the peasantry, followed by all dissenters.
But the state cannot function without a ruling class and from the first days of the new government as such was declared the working class. However, we needed someone to work so that the working class in its mass remained at the bench with the dream of worker-peasant inspection, and in the country of his series was called a small part, called red Directors, their poms-the Soviet deputies and employees of all levels.
However, this authority became a quasi-party, to remove from its path established by the 17th year a multi-party system and sent its Commissars to all public and industrial structures, the army and the system of Soviet power. That is, the CPSU(b) forever seized power in Russia/USSR. So there was a new ruling class – the nomenklatura of the party.
Before the war and after the war until the day of Stalin’s death this parthenogenetica kept within the limits established by tyrant didn’t claim to be luxury and unlimited power, since somehow were rotated, not to mention the fear of reprisals and simply the animal fear for their lives.
When Joseph Ogre died, after several years of struggle for absolute power have established a quiet period, called stagnation, when parthenogenetica on time, calmed down and began to just drink, chew and multiply.
However, gradually, especially after the creation of the OSCE, the flow of information from the West intensified, the item began to admire the achievements of the decaying imperialism, and desired the same benefits. By that time formed the Republican and regional elites, who established effective criminal methods of enrichment, has formed an underground state, but to use them and to feel the joy of the possession of wealth in the Soviet system of coordinates was impossible.
So quite naturally arose the project of transforming the over-regulated Soviet society in a more open and civilized form, which was carried out by the seeming dissolution of the USSR and formation of CIS.
But in the new Russia, spiritual and political ties to the USSR miraculously survived and even remained the ruling class of the USSR in a new guise, as the alloy of the party “United Russia” with goschinovnikov.
However, I am not going to go into details of reincarnation of the CPSU in EP, and parthenogenically in today’s horticulture, is a separate issue.
I just want to draw attention to the fact that comfortable and tame due to the lack of Stalin’s ejection horticulture sprawl has led to the fact that the tumor spreads uncontrollably to all corners of the state organism of Russia.
The corps of officials is growing steadily, unlike hireyuschim industry, by 7-8% annually, growing their salaries and bonuses, opportunities for new requisitions and hunting grounds. State the number of people exceeded 25 million, which is comparable to the number of citizens engaged in creative work.
Moreover, even if some structure becomes somehow unnecessary, the staff carefully transferred to the newly invent the structure.
Say, hurt the eyes of idleness and uselessness of the tax police, he established the counter-narcotics police and the tax carefully, without destroying the existing corrupt ties, transplanted to “fight” drugs…
Here a few days ago was coined “the law of Dima”, and immediately begins the creation of the weighty service of the struggle for happiness Russian orphans. Spreading her wings and juvenile Justice…
Warm and how many jobs were added in the investigative authorities in connection with strengthening of struggle with public speaking citizens?! And how many more will be able to employ our people in the structures now in control of corrupt NGOs, existing on foreign grants?
These days, December 17, the Conference of the International telecommunication Union to the UN in Dubai. During her Russia, Iran and China had proposed to introduce the possibility of “sovereign control” of the Internet for individual countries. The US and the EU insisted on maintaining the status quo. The final documents strengthen the capacities of national regulatory bodies to block unwanted content.
And what do you think? We already unfolding in the power of the League of safe Internet.
This, of course, bullshit. Then you will need to create and the League to fight with knives and matches. At the same time every motorist to put the controller to check the flow rate of the flammable gas…
As said the Executive Director of the League of safe Internet Denis DAVYDOV, “there is a very concentrated impact on the information field and the artificial formation of opinions that, shall we say, not in the interests of the Russian people.”
Well done, vigilant comrade from the budget. What’s in the interests of the Russian people, will determine the League…
Not exclude the appearance of the League acting in the interests of the Yakut, and Koryak peoples Shiz… self-serving bias. But very Hoceima!!!
Imagine how many intimate jobs with views of the Moscow river will appear in the near future in this League and its affiliates to each subject!..

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