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Hollande: Europe databases on radical Islamists

Олланд: Европе нужны базы данных по радикальным исламистам

The recent tragic events in Europe have shown that the level of cooperation between law enforcement authorities of the member States is far from perfect. To improve the situation will help database on radical Islamists.

As the channel reports FranceTV info, French President Francois Hollande criticized the slowness of Europe in the creation of such databases. In his interview to the newspaper Bild he said that the EU has already lost a lot of time, “further delay is costing us more”, “you need to act quickly to catch up”. “This way we will become more effective in their fight and will be able to convince Europe’s population that it is protected,” said Hollande.

In his opinion, Europe always finds a solution, whether it is a question of banking crises, public debt, the inflow of migrants or the fight against terrorism. However, it would require too much time.

In the context of the fight against terrorism, Hollande also touched on the topic of the migration crisis that has hit Europe. One of the reasons for the flight of the people he called the war in Syria and the brutality of the terrorist group “Islamic state”. To cope with this crisis will help only common efforts of all countries of the EU, as unilateral action by national governments can lead to the end of Schengen, which “would be a historic turn back.”

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