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GPU found the gun that fired on Maidan

ГПУ нашла винтовку, из которой стреляли на Майдане

Thursday, July 14, as a result of searches found the remains of a sniper rifle, from which the soldiers of “Berkut” shot at protesters near the October Palace. It was on his said the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko.

“Today the forces of the Department of special investigations of the GPU were searched from involved in export of Kiev after the bloody executions of the “Black hundreds” of the Eagle and the subsequent destruction of their weapons. Found in the lake elements of a sniper rifle (which saw the whole country in the hands of a killer under the October Palace) and the machines will be another proof at trial,” wrote he in Facebook.

In turn, MP from the PPO Vladimir Aryev added that the remains of weapons were found in one of the ponds in the Goloseevsky district of Kiev.

According to him, those who took out the fighters “Berkut” and hid the weapon, known personally, but their names have not been disclosed yet in the interests of the investigation.

We will remind, in November 2015, the GPU has published a full report of the investigation of the events on the Maidan, which occurred in the winter of 2013-2014. However, the Department assured that the investigation of crimes against Maidan protesters will take years.

In February, the SBU reported that partially identified the weapon that killed “maydanovets”.

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