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Gorbachev explained his longevity to daily walks

Горбачев объяснил свое долголетие ежедневными прогулками

First President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev, celebrated its 85 anniversary, believes that it has lived up to this age due to regular walks. On Wednesday, March 2, RIA Novosti reported.

“I think that my margin of good health has created what we Raisa (Gorbachev’s wife, who died in 1999 — approx. “The tape.ru”) for almost forty years, in spite of the weather — snowstorm, rain, snow, despite the time of year, always by six kilometres per day,” said Gorbachev in an interview with Latvian radio station Baltkom.

The celebrant added that now he gets to embrace “medicine”. “Great I get. A lot of these problems”, — said Gorbachev.

“We need to think about in the time available to do their utmost to support the new generations that came into life. To do everything that the country has not gone astray, did not get into the covers of which are difficult to get out. Now the threat is there. In General, it is time to think about what life on the outcome,” — summed up the politician.

Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin sent Mikhail Gorbachev a telegram. He wished him good health and noted that the professional knowledge and experience of Gorbachev in demand today.

According to opinion poll published on the website of the organization on 2 March, 46 percent of Russians believe that Gorbachev “politician who thought about the welfare of the country, but made several serious tactical errors, which led to upheavals and problems.”

Mikhail Gorbachev was born on 2 March 1931 in the village of Privolny, Stavropol territory (then the North Caucasian region). Member of the CPSU Central Committee since 1971, since 1978, Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, since 1985 — the last General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee. On 15 March 1990 at the third extraordinary Congress of people’s deputies, Gorbachev was elected as the President of the USSR and became the only person ever to hold this office. In August 1991, after the events associated with the formation of the GKCHP, announced the abdication of the Secretary General and in November of the same year left the party.

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