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Google will give the refugees chromebooks

First of all you want people, for various reasons, forced to leave their homes and become refugees? Of course, mobile computers — at least, so believes Google, which is going to give almost every refugee currently residing in Germany, chromacom.

Google plans to allocate $ 5.3 million to nonprofit organizations in Germany, they will have to spend to purchase numerous batches of devices running Chrome OS. This program is called Project Reconnect, and is explained by the fact that refugees also want to get the necessary information about what is happening in the world and specifically in their countries, but most of them don’t have computers. The first round of distribution of funds between non-profit organizations in Germany will take place March 1, and each of them will be able to obtain funds for the purchase of up to 5,000 laptops. What is the benefit of Google, it is clear at once — refugees, along with Ukraine and swine flu are a regular topic of news in the Internet and media, and after a while they will get into the frame with chromocene in hand, so it’s well-thought-out PR campaign. Chromocene, recall, are called very budget-friendly laptops with extremely limited functionality and operating system Chrome OS, which cost up to 300 dollars.

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