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Goalkeepers Declaration of love to the gate and kiss the rod

Вратари признаются в любви к воротам и целуют штанги

How can psychologists explain strange behavior of soccer goalkeepers

The famous Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon surprised many of his fans. First, the fact that set a record for the duration of the “dry” series in the national championship. 38-year-old goalkeeper, “Juventus” did not concede in over 974 minutes (over 10 matches). And then the goalkeeper wrote a whole ode, in which he confessed his love to a football goal. In his message, Gigi promised to keep them fat and happy.

“I was 12 years old when I had my back turned to you, writes Buffon, turning to the gate. — Since that day, I stopped looking you in the face, I started to love you. And to protect you. To be your first and last line of defense. For more than 25 years ago, I made my choice. I swore to protect you. I always thought of your welfare by placing him above their own. Every time I look at you, I must support you. I was 12 years old when I had my back turned to you, and I will continue to protect you until, until my heart, my health will allow me to do that.”

Goalkeepers in General have always been considered rather strange people, at least by the nature of their sports profession. As a rule, they are very superstitious. Moreover, the rituals are all totally different. For example, the legendary Soviet goalkeeper Rinat Dasaev were special gloves. He gave them another well-known goalkeeper — the German Harald Schumacher. However, Dasaev played in these gloves and just went out with them on the field and carefully stacked them in the corner of the goal. Good luck. And the current goalkeeper of the Moscow “Spartak” Artem Rebrov before each match, kisses the rod, and something whispers to her. What the captain is red-white in conversation with her, known only to him. On the other hand, the French goalkeeper Fabien Barthez was rather kissed him. Many remember how defender Laurent Blanc kissed his partner on his shiny bald head. Judging by the fact that the French team managed to win the world and European Championships, luck helped…

“Izvestia” asked to explain the reasons for this strange behavior, the ex-goalkeeper of Russian national team Ruslan Nigmatullin.

— Goalkeepers are really very strange and superstitious people, he said. — First of all, because their work depends not only on labor but also on luck. Of course, every goalie wants to attract a little bit of luck on their side, because sometimes that is the deciding factor. I also, like everyone, had their own signs. For example, after every defeat I changed the form, boots, gloves and even a towel for the next game took more. In addition, always get out of bed with his right foot and stepped on the field on the right. And these things helped me in my career.

Commented for a “News” nature of the goalkeeper’s eccentricities and sports psychologist Olga Touinova.

— Let’s agree from the outset: omens and superstitions in life, in sport absolutely useless, because it distracts, inspires doubt, reduces energy, she said. — Good omens, seems to be inspired by… And if not good, then things are bad? Absurd! Another thing — rituals, including in sports. In fact, it’s kind of a tradition, articulated sequence of actions. Some athletes use their familiar “landmarks” to keep in line with the already calibrated their system pre-launch. What’s wrong with that? Nothing. The role of the goalkeeper in team sports special. He’s kind of in the game, and like or not, but must constantly maintain concentration and physical readiness, at the right moment to save the team! And for that, each of them sooner or later chooses the way of psychological settings. From something may seem strange, but the Keeper is not an actor on stage and does not have to be us to understand. And those examples of self-motivation that we periodically observe, illustrate internal search athletes, their combustion.

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