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GearBest announces great discounts on smartphones HOMTOM

Spring is traditionally considered many time for something new – new clothes and accessories, a job, a car, even place of residence. Surely someone is going to buy a shiny new gadget to replace my tired, and here popular online shop GearBest to do: he has launched an amazing event, allowing at the same time and to buy a new smartphone, and save a lot of money compared with purchasing the same model in other services. During the whole week GearBest gives discounts of up to 40% on a range of smartphones HOMTOM!

Promotion GearBest is held until April 12 inclusive, and it involved five smartphone brands HOMTOM. In particular, already today you can purchase 5-inch Android-candybar HOMTOM HT3 with modern hardware stuffing for only $ 40 – this price is substantially below market, which is 56 dollars. From the available options there is only one color – black. Every day we have the opportunity to buy a certain model at a bargain price, and tomorrow you will be offered an elegant HOMTOM HT7 phablet with HD screen at 5.5 inches diagonally and stylish design. Its peculiarity lies in the unique back panel, which not only improves the overall appearance, but also prevents the loss of the smartphone from his hands. This is a wonderful device, with the discount, $ 40 instead of 56 in black body.

A day later it will be possible to save over $ 20 when you buy the famous candy bar HOMTOM HT6, by default, evaluated in 123 the dollar and the campaign is available for 100. This is also a phablet, but still ultra modern: 5.5-inch screen is closed reinforced glass Gorilla glass, the capacity of regular battery is 6250 mAh, and the Central processor has four cores, and 4G. The smartphone is available only in black color. 9 and April 10, GearBest will start selling smartphones HOMTOM HT7 and HT3 HOMTOM Pro Pro is priced at $ 70 instead of 90 and 85 dollars respectively. These two phones are only available in grey color option and can offer a 5.5 – inch and 5-inch screens with 2.5 D glass, which markedly reduces the thickness of the side part of the display, making it visually more. The monoblocks work on Android 5.1 and have access to networks of the fourth generation.

The action was attended by 30 copies each of five smartphones, so it is not advisable to delay the purchase, because many come to acquire modern means of communication at such low prices. Promotional campaign from GearBest also includes discounts on various accessories for gadgets, even on the popular Xiaomi external battery capacity of 10,000 mAh, which can be bought for 30 dollars instead of 43. Also lots of stands for smartphones and tablets, and along with the holders of the ventilation grille in the car, charger from the cigarette lighter socket, charging station wireless, data cables and even selfie sticks. All this GearBest set of discounts ranging from 17 to 65%. Recall that the campaign will last until April 12 inclusive.

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