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Gartner has seen a decline in demand for “IPhones”

Research company Gartner has published a report on sales statistics of mobile phones Apple iPhone in the fourth quarter of 2015. Even with the release of models 6s and 6s Plus was recorded a decline in sales of mobile phones from Apple, though quite significant 4.4% compared to the results of the 4th quarter of 2014.

In a paper published by Gartner, is also mentioned smartphones based on Windows Phone, which is now known under the name of Windows 10 Mobile. This software platform is also not very interested potential buyers, and those who already are owners of devices with it on Board, gradually abandon it, which led to a drop in its market share from 2.8% to 1.1%. At the same time, total smartphone sales globally grew, but only at 9.7 percent, which is comparable to growth rates in 2008, when it has burst world crisis.

In the first place, of course, is Samsung, and in the second place while still holding the Apple, able in 2015 to sell 71.5 million IPhones. In third place is Huawei, which has reported as much as about 53% rise in sales, which is an absolute record. It is followed by Lenovo, and the fifth places is Xiaomi, Chinese vendors are already actively comes on the heels of Apple and Samsung. Gartner experts not undertake to assume, what was the reason for the decline in demand for “IPhones”, because this could be a consequence of a number of nuances, including the presence of more affordable Android flagship with a more modern filling.

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