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“Gagarin in space flew – God is not seen”

"Гагарин в космос летал - бога не видел"

I don’t even know, did someplace Gagarin. Was he ever in the space. Because my parents said “Gagarin in space flew – God is not seen.” And the word of God was written with a small letter. Like any other inconsequential nonsense, which has not met to Yuri Gagarin during his epochal revolution around the Earth. But now the word of God is written only with large, and for his denial to go to places not so remote. Maybe very distant. However, in the space of unbelievers still don’t kick, but who knows how it will develop in the future. Unlucky stavropolchane Krasnov, like millions of other citizens, investing time in social networks on any garbage.

Engaged in dialogue with people who, apparently, were the instigators – full-time or voluntary. To find their conversation on the web is not so difficult. Victor Krasnov proved in this dialogue not so much an atheist, how many malovodiane man. Calling the Bible “a collection of Jewish tales”, attached rude, but not obscene word, and added that “Boh!”. This is not atheism – this is incivility. A hundred times told and forced to repeat in a hundred and one: stupidity, swagger, startnest is bad, but it’s not put in jail. We already done the superhero resistance from Pussy Riot, now let’s make a prisoner of conscience from blogger Krasnov.

The guy already checked the psychiatrists and he held on this occasion, a month in a mental hospital. His unwise utterances studied, I may say, the experts, bungled a specific hack. They engaged the fighters with extremism, in his case in session court. A year in prison for this horrible man does not seem a harsh punishment. The feelings of believers is like a crystal. It is better not to handle with care, they are beaten to pieces with the slightest rough touch. But against these feelings themselves “believers” more and more resemble devils. The true believers their feelings show and not insult the true faith is impossible in principle. And the obscurantist undercover police car settling scores with everyone. The case of Krasnov like a curiosity, but for similar incidents in Russia relies real time. In the North Caucasus, shoot and blow up, but local fighters against extremism monitor Internet crap. They need to portray some kind of activity and the protection of religious feelings gives them the opportunity for vigorous idleness.

But I will tell you that every great mess starts small. Someone will punish your remarks in chat. Someone put the affectation in the temple. Why continue to punish for the study of Darwin’s theory? Why not penalized for absence at evening prayer? Why not consider a crime the lack of the cross and refusing to undergo the rite of baptism? It’s so offensive to believers! I don’t know whether there is a God, but I think that for many of the zealous “believers” in Him, meeting with the Lord will be an unpleasant surprise.

*God is!

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