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Frozen pension savings will go to pay debts VEB

Замороженные пенсионные накопления пойдут на оплату долгов ВЭБа

Part of the funds frozen pension savings that are reserved in the national budget for 2016, will go to support the VEB, the newspaper “Vedomosti” referring to sources in social and financial blocks of the government. It is about 150 billion rubles from 342 billion, included in the “presidential reserve”. The operation had been approved by the Supervisory Board of the development Corporation. According to one of interlocutors of the edition, the President had recently allowed to take this money.

“Only don’t need to consider it as something that money future retirees were spent on the rescue of EBV — called one of the officials, — these have to be viewed from the point of view of cash execution of the budget”. Another government representative explained that other options would require amendments to the law on the budget, but time does not wait, to take from the President’s reserve — the fastest. It took only the order of the President and the ruling government.

Assistance to VEB from the budget intended to reduce the amount of any additional indexation of pensions. However, to undertake such amendments through the state Duma it was not possible at all, said one of the sources of the newspaper.

The freezing of pension reduces transfers to cover the deficit of the Pension Fund. For the first time the moratorium on formation of accumulative part of pension was introduced in 2014. Then the funds were spent including funding in the annexed Crimea and Sevastopol. Then the moratorium was extended for 2015. Pension savings partly went on an anti-crisis plan.

The head of the government Dmitry Medvedev promised to unfreeze contributions in 2016, but instead, the moratorium was again extended: from 342 billion rubles was formed by the anti-crisis Fund in the budget. 2017 will be the fourth consecutive year that the funded pension will not be generated.

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