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From the Crimea to Ukraine in the spring of flooded cars

Из Крыма в Украину весной хлынул поток автомобилей

In the spring of sharply increased flow of vehicles crossing the Russian-Ukrainian border through road crossings in the North of Crimea. This was reported in the press service of border guard of Federal security service of the Republic.

– If in February, the border was crossed by about 42 thousand vehicles in March, this number reached 58 thousand, – told the Agency.

The Ukrainian colleagues work slowly, complain Russian border guards. According to them, sometimes Ukrainian checkpoints serve about 10 cars per hour and sometimes even stops for half a day.

– Very slow pass. Three days ago, after I stood for six hours before Ukraine, back got much faster, say the drivers, entering the Russian Federation.

According to “Komsomolskaya Pravda – Crimea”, the press service of the border guard, the majority of the cars traveling – numbers AK,

which were appropriated, when the Peninsula was part of Ukraine. These cars often don’t come back, because, according to the border guards, many Crimeans are selling these cars to buyers from independent.

In addition, many cross the border and vehicles with new, Russian numbers for the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol, which until the Ukrainian border was simply not reached: planted passengers in the neutral zone and come back, because in Ukraine with “82” and “92” dangerous to go: these numbers are not recognized and are threatening to take away such machines.

– As transport links between the countries there are no taxi drivers or other citizens simply drive people to the border, it was not necessary to cross the neutral zone (and it is few kilometers) on foot, said the border service. – There are cases when people move into the neutral zone just in order to update the migration card, which is valid only for three months. So often do the citizens of Ukraine who work here.

The border guard warned citizens that due to the situation when crossing the Russian-Ukrainian state border possible delays.

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