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From the accounts of Metallinvestbank bring more than 677 million rubles

From the accounts of Metallinvestbank bring more than 677 million rubles

Со счетов Металлинвестбанка вывели более 677 млн рублей

Unknown derived from the accounts of Metallinvestbank more than 677 million rubles, reports RIA Novosti citing a source in law enforcement bodies.

In the opinion of management of the Bank, the money was taken by the hackers.

“Presumably, the unknown was able to hack the remote access to the banking system which made transfers of funds to accounts controlled by a few, private individuals, where accruals may be cashed” — quoted by his companion Agency.

This information was confirmed in the office of the Ministry of internal Affairs in Moscow, however, did not specify the amount of damages and other details. Criminal case under article “Theft”.

In February, the Central Bank has accused banks in the withdrawal with the help of hacker attacks. According to first Deputy Chairman of the regulator George Luntovskii, in the fourth quarter of last year were withdrawn the licenses of three banks previously subjected to hacker attacks. Then from customer accounts was stolen more than half a billion rubles.

Luntovsky said that the Central Bank managed to prevent the theft of more than 500 million rubles.

According to the rating of Banks.ru, Metallinvestbank is 89-th place by assets among credit institutions in Russia. The Bank was established in 1993, they possess top managers of the “United metallurgical company”.


Yes morons like they ran..They went to the police and after a week asked the Central Bank to be unplugged from the system of interbank transfer of funds..And that was after 5 minutes turn off the Internet connection on the server not know?Passwords to change?They were sort of once a week to change? If the leaders of illiterate the Bank and need to close…Maybe they false bankruptcy so staged?And their slowness was blamed on the lack of mental abilities?And actually very smart?Well, I think the consequence should understand..?

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