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Forex: a good broker vs bad broker

Форекс: хороший брокер vs плохой брокер

Many who are looking for sources of extra income are turning to the Forex market. After all, in order to delve into this industry, do not need to have huge starting capital. Here, spinning a lot of money, but in times of crisis, you can get significant profit, since it is possible almost any trends. This is the main attraction for potential investors and traders.

There are many opinions about how to be successful in this market. Some say that to get big profit in Forex is impossible, others claim that high income is not worth it. But the truth is that, to achieve good results, you need, first of all, a sound approach. But it find only the best brokers.

Brokerage firms generally provide their clients with Analytics, which will be the basis for subsequent transactions. Every trader is interested in the most accurate information, therefore, brokers with high-quality analysis are always in demand.

There is a certain rating of Forex brokers, based on the assessment of independent experts (which makes it fairly objective). Today, the company FIBO Group is the best among the brokers and has the most complete analysis. Protection of client’s interests, transparency and compliance with the requirements of the regulators put the holding company in the first place.

After FIBO Group is NAS Broker. The basic guideline of its activities the holding company raises the professionalism of market participants and newcomers.

In third place is an investment company Infin Markets.

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