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Five substances, which is not enough after 40 years

Пять веществ, которых не хватает после 40 летDoctors told what substances are not enough in the body after 40 years.

If you are doing blood analysis on the content of vitamins and minerals, it is likely you are missing these very important substances.


Lack of this vitamin is found in women more often. The level of iron in the blood, as a rule, closely pregnant. But as soon as the baby is born, women seem to forget about the dangers of anemia. Meanwhile, because of lack of iron they may experience constant lethargy and fatigue.

The main causes of anaemia – transferred a serious illness, blood loss, improper diet. Please note: coffee and tea contain tannins that interfere with iron absorption. So even if you regularly eat liver, beef, eggs, spinach and broccoli, but during the day drink a few cups of strong coffee and tea, you fall into a risk group. In addition, the iron levels may decrease during fasting. Follow the diet and if necessary take supplements!


Scientists suggest there are at least 3 dairy products a day – it is the number will allow you to provide the body with necessary amounts of calcium. It would seem that it is not difficult: porridge with milk and a piece of cheese for Breakfast, yogurt for a snack and a glass of kefir before bedtime. Unfortunately, many ignore these rules, and as a result, the reserves of calcium in the body gradually reduced, and affected the health of bones, teeth, heart and the entire body. But the main danger lies in the fact that it increases the risk of fractures in menopause. Be sure to include in the diet of dairy products, drink mineral water rich in calcium, take vitamins.


According to studies, almost 90% of women living in the middle zone, lack of vitamin D. first, Sunny days not so much. Second, we have too little time spend on the street. And thirdly, going out in the sun, we actively use protective devices that almost deprive ourselves of this essential vitamin. What to do? In the morning, try to spend at least 10-15 minutes outside when the sun is not too active. Eat fish, eggs, liver, sour cream, butter.


This item we can get from green leafy vegetables, nuts, mineral water. Unfortunately, most women are not eating enough vegetables. Besides, lettuce and spinach, which are sold in stores, often grown in greenhouses and do not contain the correct concentration of nutrients. As a result of not enough magnesium and the body responds to the lack of this element obvious symptoms appear: anxiety, muscle pain, cramps (especially at night). To replenish stocks of magnesium, eat nuts, seeds, spinach and other green leafy vegetables, dried fruits.


Vitamin C promotes blood circulation (and therefore provides a good complexion), helps the body fight the effect of free radicals (and hence prolongs youth), and increases the body’s resistance to viruses and infections. To compensate for the deficiency of vitamin C, eat 2-3 fruit, fresh fruit daily, and don’t forget about sauerkraut, bell peppers and spinach

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