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Five mistakes we make in the morning

Пять ошибок, которые мы делаем с утра How you start your morning depends on the day.

The alarm clock rings, we open our eyes and begin to prepare for the new day. As you usually do – quickly jump out of bed, something to eat for Breakfast, take a shower and get dressed and leave the house?..

There are many mistakes that we make in the morning, immediately after rising from bed, without even realizing it; and these errors, though difficult to believe, have a significant impact on our health.

1. Should not abruptly get out of bed! Do it slowly

There are two very common mistakes that we make in the morning. First, we choose a very sharp alarm sound our alarm clock, thinking that in this way we’ll Wake up, and secondly, immediately jump out of bed.

Do not forget that the night we spend 6 to 8 hours in a horizontal position, and therefore our spine has to gradually adapt to the new vertical position.

If you stand too quickly, you can even feel dizzy, so try to follow these simple tips:

Wake up gradually, as if it were a relaxing ritual.

Set the alarm 10 minutes earlier than usual, and select signal to relaxing music. Never place the classic “beep-beep-beep”.

The first thing to do is to sit on the bed and inhale deeply and exhale for two minutes.

Then do a little stretching at the hands. Interlock your fingers and stretch your arms overhead, then stretch to the right and to the left.

Now turn the neck, making circular movements of the head. Not in a hurry.

Again take a few deep breaths and stand up. Now you are ready for a new day!

2. Get out of the house without Breakfast: big mistake!

Wake up early to fit everything in. It is very important to you going in the morning without haste, and you have enough time for a relaxing Breakfast.

Many people, when they first Wake up drink a huge Cup of coffee. This is another common mistake. Ideally, you should start the day with a glass of warm water with lemon, then wait 15 — 20 minutes, and only then proceed to Breakfast. You can use this time to take a shower. After that, you can finally drink this delicious morning coffee, of course, accompanied by foods containing fiber, protein, and fruits. Thus, you leave the house “dressed” with essential nutrients and energy.

3. To take mobile phone, just opened my eyes

We can’t wait to see the updates in our social networks, find out what news happened during the night, or watch to see if new messages. Quietly, you have to do this all day! Useful to Wake up quietly and forget for a while about all these technologies.

Get up out of bed, take a shower and eat Breakfast quietly sitting in front of a window, as fresh air is very helpful. It would be better if in the first moments of the day you will stay away from electromagnetic waves emitted by all these devices.

4. Take a shower with hot water

We all love hot water, but it is not always appropriate, especially in the morning. In these first moments of the day, we need, first and foremost, activate your organism, and for this it is better that the water was not very hot. Ideally, for example, you can start with warm water and finish with cold shower, this is especially useful for the legs.

Aim-cold water on the calf to relieve the swelling and heaviness, and also charge the feet of the new forces, prepare them for the working day.

5. To leave home in a bad mood

You have a long day at work, you quickly get out of the house, and to-do list seems to have no end. “I’m so tired I don’t even know will last until the end of the day!” – this is a very common phrase that we either tell ourselves or hear from others.

Negative thoughts are an obstacle to our well-being, we almost don’t recognize them, but they reduce our quality of life. We begin to do everything without pleasure, and stop to appreciate the really important things.

Try tomorrow morning. Exit the house in a different mood, try to “tune” your brain on the following thoughts:

With me today will happen something good, I’m sure it will be a great day.

I will enjoy that I will to do today, and what happens to me. I’ll step out relaxed, walk to work, considering everything around it: people, storefronts, trees in the Park.

I see the good side of my work colleagues and superiors.

I will make a breakthrough in his work and will feel proud of yourself and your work.

After the end of the day I will allow myself a little treat. Something simple: drink a Cup of coffee at this cute coffee shop, or going for a walk in the Park. And, maybe, I’ll call a friend we haven’t met.

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