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Fishing in dug ponds

During the winter season season perch are usually very passive, but are constantly caught in different white fish, but catches are usually dominated by roach. However, places in the necessary amount found a decent sized fish, not too much, and closer to spring because of the ice melting themselves fall river, streams and ponds with significant flow.

Thanks to the “efforts” of the man, there was a lot of water with a very special mode of life living here fish. This is a career where a deep excavation reveal aquifers. Then the excavated pit is filled with very clean and cold ground water, which subsequently diluted with surface water — melt and rainfall.

After a certain time career with suitable conditions suddenly inhabited our usual fish — roach, perch, pike, crucian carp, bleak and some others. Usually in these reservoirs fish is as delicious, but it grows slowly here often because of the sheer lack of food, especially in “young” quarries, which have not yet developed the vegetation. So many small and shallow career often inhabited by slow-growing forms of different fish of interest to anglers, except as a hardy bait fish.

But fishing is a very interesting deep sand pits, especially in winter, when the oxygen regime of the reservoir. However, at the time of the late winter you can life in these careers with crystal clear water and almost dies, as in many undrained lakes and ponds. And yet, in protracted thaws, allowing lots of melt water and in short periods of first and last ice, in the sand pits is a good bite of this or that fish of decent size. But that was a good catch, need to know the specifics of fishing on their careers with a very uneven bottom relief and the right to determine the object of fishing.

As a rule, ubiquitous in quarries roach is the bulk of the fish population. And in the winter sometimes it maintains high mobility to respond more quickly to favorable changes in the external environment. So roach in the first days of receipt of the ice melt water is coming to the coastal zone, rises in the water column, took the slopes with underwater hills, where it also bites on bait with a nozzle, and baitless jigs.

Feature fishing for roach in deep pits and clean with a steady warmth at the close of winter is that the fish constantly moves over the pond, and significantly above the bottom. By reason of its such behavior it is necessary to do many holes throughout the and active fish detected by the sounder. The instrument cluster shows often perch on the bottom — on the hills or on the coastal slope, and roach is normally displayed on the screen of the device about a meter above the bottom, until Pology.

So the most effective tackle for catching roach in the water is “steam” from the two “devils” of medium or small size. Roach takes on the active game with slow rise and slow patzke up from a certain level of finding fish. The roach with equal probability and bite on the top bait, and on the bottom. Wiring “locomotive” in any case it is useful at the top to Supplement short pause two seconds. Sometimes at this point and is more confident nation than at the time of posting.

When fishing for roach with the choice of “hell”, as well as equipping them with additional elements, as this is often highly dependent on the success of winter fishing, and not only in the quarries. In most cases, in very clear water the roach prefers bait no longer than 10 mm, the shape of the body in the form of an inverted drop, unlike, for example, from the bream, which responds better to the “hell” in the form of a cylindrical “column” length 30 mm. Often in the course of the imps with black or brown covering of the body, sometimes green.

The most important thing in “the devil” for catching roach, it seems, is not the color, and hooks. They should be perfectly sharp to reliably detect only “Goring” bait fish, which is very typical for “thieving” to chase the roach. It is necessary that all three hooks were the dimensions of the body no less than an inch, otherwise there can be a lot of retirements and bumps “on lips,” and then biting in a good location stops. Then again to search for active fish.

It should be said that many anglers think of different “tinsel” on the hooks “hell” and on the line increases the number of bites. Usually jig one or all hooks baits wear cambric in white, yellow or red, and the line above the “out” string the bead of one of these colors. The effectiveness of such additions is often fishing on a particular water body. But in practice, not once had to face the fact that such “ornaments” well only a small fish, and large roach weighing from 300 grams obviously preferred bare the “hell” in black color, with black as the hooks.

Besides catching without nozzle, in the quarries is quite possible fishing bait, when it is assumed the bait on the hook. But winter roach on these bodies of water suitable to feed a long and reluctant — in some cases, the bait she gets up only after a few days, apparently, when out of the feed like “washed out” extraneous for pure odors. Usually has a positive effect on the roach pits extremely neutral bait only on the basis of hydrated bread crumbs, mixed in the ratio of approximately one to one with clean river sand. This composition when deep is fed through the hole from the top, slowly sinking to the bottom, creating in the water column from a moving feed particles, what attracts and puts down the fish, gradually collecting it on the bottom.

Fish biting from the bottom usually starts soon and not lured in each hole, but if the fish where picked up, it will be consistently caught here. Here it is best to use very light tackle, sometimes called “fool” — perhaps the only one able and “cheat” cunning roach. Design tooling is a system of “nod-sinker-hook”, collected on a very thin line. And the worse the bite, the farther from the hook it is necessary to move the sinker, then this simple but effective play: the tackle is lifted about a meter up, and then its free fall when the baited hook is lowered slowly for a long time and on a long leash down, mimicking the slowly sinking food. Take good notes sensitive, selected under the weight of sinkers nod, which either bends down or rises up.

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