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Fantastic four USA

Великолепная четвёрка США

The Pentagon has named the four countries in the world who “can’t handle” Washington

Apparently, the demonstration of Russian military force in Syria made a lasting impression on the generals with stars and stripes chevrons.

At least the U.S. military in the face of the head of staff of the US army Mark Milly acted as a “collective of plicatilis” at the meeting of the Committee on armed services of the house of representatives of the United States. According to the officials of Pentagon, the American army is currently not able to successfully fight against the “superpowers” — Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. Of course, without another “horse” of financial investments in the military budget.

As it turns out, the best that can be the “invincible Armada” is holding a regional and counter-terrorism operations.

It is characteristic that in the heat of rhetorical chief of staff of the US army, mark Milly has been ranked among the military “superpowers”, even North Korea, the power of which was awe inspiring is it that the South Korean neighbors. According to Millie, the current level of ground forces does not allow for the proper execution of military tasks, or on the acceptable level of losses. “It is possible though now to fight against the “Islamic state”*, “al-Qaeda”** or “dzhebhat EN-Nusra”***. But it is quite another matter, if we encounter a worthy opponent, when the increased level of risk,” said a high-ranking “knight of democracy”.

At the hearing on the allocation of budgetary funds for the needs of the Pentagon, Mr. Millie was echoed by the head of the U.S. air force Deborah James. The head of the “humanitarian raiders” from the “citadel of democracy” complained that the U.S. aircraft ready enough to face such a country as Russia. As she stressed, the problem lies not so much in financing as the lack of time for training (read, money).

Both speakers, despite the obvious deactualization themes “Russian threat” against the backdrop of the withdrawal of Russian VKS from Syria, referred to the inadmissibility of the downsizing of military forces, but also indicated the need for modernization of the army.

Recall, the Pentagon has asked Congress for $ 148 billion in 2017, which is one billion more than in 2016. While the membership of the American army for the year should be reduced from 475 thousand to 460 thousand people.

According to the Director of the Centre for strategic conjuncture Ivan Konovalov, the US really has no leverage to influence Pyongyang.

— Of course, the real threat does not exist. Is there a danger from Russia? The list was designed to show the political establishment of the USA that there are countries that it is useless to exert pressure by war. They simply do not perceive. No Americans have the means to pressure Iran and North Korea.

Given the dumbing down approach, it was easier to “coordinate” the DPRK and Iran to Russia and China. It is clear that North Korea, Russia, Iran and China are not comparable quantities. But damage to the “intelligence of McDonald’s” it’s the right decision. To speak other generals at the Pentagon can’t — the main thing is that it was clear “the grandmother from Michigan”.

“SP”: — so, this is not an analyst, and propaganda?

— Of course. As they say, it’s obvious to any sane expert from Cameroon. In one row line up all the States that emerge from subordination to Washington.

“SP”: — How is it motivated?

— Yes no — we the USA in Syria work together. It would seem that we should be recognized as allies, but don’t want to understand.

“SP”: — is it Possible to say that the Pentagon and the Obama administration carry out different line?

In the USA, generally, no single decision-making center. Last year a journalist representing the New York Times, openly said that the team Obama has lost control of the situation. As a result, each Agency makes its own decisions. This is an indicator of the level of the decisions of Mr. Obama. At some point, this “lame duck” threw the management of the country. Now the Pentagon plays the game, and the state Department. The same goes for the FBI and CIA.

We see that the commander of the European command of the U.S. armed forces Philip Breedlove bears if not complete nonsense, then gag. For such idle talk and voluntarism it before, if I didn’t go to prison, it just “got the hat”. And now all you can: “Russia is the aggressor, you need to prepare for a nuclear exchange” etc. In the presidency of Reagan, he could not afford to blather.

“SP”: — Operational activity of the Russian VC really made an irresistible impression on US?

— There cannot be two opinions. None of our opponents did not expect that our operation can be carried out at this level. There’s a belief that we can only take the number, rather than skill. However, when there is high staff culture navigation GLONASS, satellite and unmanned exploration (attributes of the wars of the fifth generation), it is not “remote wars” in Iraq or Yugoslavia, but much steeper.

“SP”: — what exactly the Americans are inferior to us?

In particular, in electronic warfare, where we are ahead of the rest. Secondly. The Pentagon is inferior to the us in missile defense systems/defense. We have s-400, which it is not the Americans, and soon s-500.

Americans waged wars against a weaker enemy. And, suddenly, “stars and stripes” the generals found that our plane is capable of completely disable the whole system of defense. And the Americans on this just didn’t work. They thought will be a lifetime to fight with the guerrillas or insurgents, not with the enemy, armed not technically worse than themselves.

The Pentagon also hate that in Syria we remain two bases. Literally within two days the Russian defense Ministry may increase the amount of presence that we need. So Erdogan can sleep peacefully. Remember, “we are peaceful people, but our train standing on the siding”.

What Americans don’t know how to fight with serious opponents, it is “medical fact”. During the Second world war they acted indirectly. The U.S. in principle, there is no tradition of a real war, they don’t know what it’s like to fight at my limit. Now Russia knows it very well. She fought against the Swedes under the leadership of Charles XII, against the French under the leadership of Napoleon, the Germans under the leadership of Hitler. The Americans have just no motivation.

“SP”: — Do the North Koreans can become a serious obstacle to the military-political expansion of the United States?

— North Korea — definitely not. Despite the fact that they have one of the largest armies, but technically it has long been lagging behind. And the Iranians need to demooratic and demooratic. And, in General, note that the statements of the us military long ago went beyond the views of the political establishment. They constantly talk about absolutely apocalyptic scenarios about what Russia is, about “the Russian threat”. In my opinion, this is a purely departmental lobbying.

Military expert, Colonel Mikhail Tymoshenko believes that U.S. military capabilities are flawed.

— Because during the Second world war, American soldiers should not be “polished”. U.S. generals initially recognize that they can fight only with those who are weaker, but not with an equal or superior opponent.

“SP”: — what is NATO we are superior supostatov?

Is that ready to die, and that feature is not available. There is a saying: “we would have died, if not killed.”

“SP”: – Maybe everything is easier: the “star-spangled” men want to “clip coupons”?

— It is clear that they have regarding the budget. The share of military spending is reduced by $ 1.4 billion while the number of ground troops is reduced to eight thousand. Americans six months ago said it would lead to an incredible drop in combat effectiveness. They say the parts will be understaffed. So, it’s a fight for money. Mr. Millie can talk all that he was, but when spoken and speaks the truth.

“SP”: the inability of the U.S. to be at war with “superpowers” like the DPRK is beyond good and evil…

— I would not have sneered. The North Koreans is, in fact, kamikaze. Americans are not ready for such fight. They are fighting on the principle: first to bomb, and then to come and move my leg “brands”. And for such a “high-tech” method of warfare need money, and large.

* “Islamic state” (ISIS) the decision of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation of 29 December 2014 it was recognized as a terrorist organization, its activity on the territory of Russia is prohibited.

** “Al-Qaeda” the decision of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation of 14 February 2003 was recognized as a terrorist organization, its activity on the territory of Russia is prohibited.

*** “Dzhebhat EN-Nusra” a terrorist organization. The decision of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation dated 29.12.2014, its activity is forbidden in territory of Russia.


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