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Expert: Russia showed to the Europeans, what is actually happening in Syria

According to a survey conducted by the Agency Sputnik together with Populus and the French Institute of public opinion, the majority of the population of Europe is confident that Ankara is turning a blind eye to Turkish speculators trading in oil with terrorists “Islamic state”. According to experts, this is due not only to the fact that the Europeans have already felt the consequences of the policy of the Turkish authorities, but also with the results of the operation HQs of the Russian Federation in Syria and the work of the Russian media.

Эксперт: Россия показала европейцам, что на самом деле происходит в Сирии

According to the survey conducted as part of project Sputnik.Opinion, 72% of the French believe that Ankara does not pay attention to Turkish nationals who trade in oil with ISIS in Syria. More than half of Germans (52%) and 41% of Brits also agree that the oil trade with terrorists is with the connivance of the Turkish authorities. In the United States only 38% of citizens agree with this statement.

In addition, 59% of French people disagreed with the statement that “Turkey is actively fighting against terrorist groups such as ISIS”. In Germany the percentage of those who do not agree with this statement, also higher than the proportion of those who agree, 36% against 26%. In the UK, opinion is equally divided — 23% concordant and 23% discordant.

In the US, on the contrary, 30% of residents agree that Turkey is actively fighting against terrorist groups. Not agreed with this statement, only 17% of Americans.

Эксперт: Россия показала европейцам, что на самом деле происходит в Сирии

According to political psychologist and political scientist Alexander Konfisachor, the differences in opinion between Europeans and Americans is due primarily to a difference in the presentation of information in the media of their countries. In addition, for ordinary Americans of what is happening in Turkey and link the country with terrorists is of no great interest, the expert added.

“It’s somewhere far away, somewhere at the other end of the world. Some unknown organization. Maybe about Turkey they are still heard, but about everything else — hardly” — quoted analyst RIA Novosti.

Thus the Director of the Institute of contemporary state development Dmitry Solonnikov noted that Central European countries are much more actively face the results of the Turkish policy on yourself and feel what’s going on. “Therefore, the attitude towards Turkey negative. It is clear that refugees in France more than in the UK. And certainly not to compare this situation with what is happening in the US,” he said.

However, according to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Association of unions of reserve officers of the Armed forces Vladimir Bogatyrev, Russia still managed to show the citizens of Europe and the US, what is actually happening in Syria.

“Just Erdogan was, after all, his card was played. Turkey, as it seemed to Europe and the US, was a certain stabilizer of the situation in the region, — said the military expert. — Now, when Russia really showed what happens when with its help the Syrian leadership, the Syrian army and the people came to life and began to achieve results in the fight against ISIS, it became clear that Turkey is a sponsor of terrorists. And thank God that thanks to the Russian media, the West is beginning to understand that.”

“And a Europe that is tired of what is happening, understands it better. Well, then, that the US, being, as always, very far, very relaxed, yet awake slowly is traditionally for them,” — said Bogatyrev.

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