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Expert: cuts in social spending exacerbates the crisis

Эксперт: сокращение социальных расходов усугубляет кризисные явления

Cuts in social spending during the crisis only threatens to exacerbate the crisis, says the Professor, HSE Paul Kudyukin.

As the expert has declared the correspondent “of Rosbalt”, lower incomes will reduce the purchasing power of the population.
“Sufficiently many governments, not only in Russia, in the crisis of trying to save on the population. Is this acceptable? If the government in the crisis focused primarily on the interests of big capital, it seems, valid. If the interests of the majority of the population. Moreover, the reduction of social spending, their uzimanje enough economically harmful because it reduces domestic demand and thereby hampered the recovery from the crisis. This is especially true of Russia, where a lot is said about the substitution. But who gets to consume the goods importozameschenie, if the worker will receive a smaller salary, while the pensioner — a lower pension?”, — said Pavel Kudyukin.

Recall that the government reduced the level of the subsistence minimum in Russia per capita in the fourth quarter of 2015. It is set to $ 9 452 thousand rubles.

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