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Expectations and reality. Direct line with Putin

Ожидания и реальность. Прямая линия с Путиным

Ever visited a psychologist or psychotherapist? As the visit took place, remember? You come into the office, explain your problem, the doctor listens to you, listens, gives you tasks to determine the source of the trouble, soothes, something fixes may prescribes drugs and sends home. You come again and again, on drink a course of tablets and only later, if lucky, there is progress.

Now, 14 times runs a direct line to the President, and our people are waiting for fulminant drugs “from the head”, “constipation”, “poverty” etc.

Who will give them to you, I wonder? You talk, explain, somewhere will help, will comfort, will prescribe the direction, wish the early vyzdorovleniya and all. The rest is your doing. Want to change the situation – only your business.

Do you think such conferences are held for what? In order to identify exciting factors: feedback, statistics by region, by gender, the situation in the society and so on. And you know what? It is right and normal. To communicate thus with the regions to keep abreast. The straight line gives Putin “a moral carte Blanche on what he’s doing.”

The main work is done not for these 4 hours. 4 hours is consultancy, therapy just. To answer questions that will make a difference, but mostly, it’s just competent, finally, the policy of the authorities.

While this mechanism works, his power will be fully utilized. Since the first straight line, when people have had a feeling of mistrust, because few people believed that you can bring your problem to the first person in the country, everything changed.

“Now a straight line is not information collection, but rather an opportunity for the population to let off steam, to reach the first person in the state to complain and ask for something for themselves”

In the Higher school of Economics taught such skills. In the language of political science, the straight line has a therapeutic effect. And it does, people waiting, watching, asking questions, someone is indignant, someone rejoices, someone who requires instant solution to all involved.

Here are the views of political scientists:

Political analyst Konstantin Kalachev, explains that the Russians have a strong “interest in their own President”. According to Mukhin, “the President and civil society representatives now get off on it (from communication to live — ed) high”.

In turn, Alexei Firsov said that the annual direct line “create a sense of permanence and stability and it would be worse if they were not there”.

“In Russia always was the request for direct democracy, direct interaction of the Supreme Governor with the population, said Firsov. — The feeling that the government addresses the nation and personally to every it are not therapeutic and not a political and psychotherapeutic effect.”

Time period of the year seems divided into “before” and “after”. “To” discuss what Putin will say, “after,” what Putin said.
Need to monitor the state’s work for many years, to demand a solution to the problem after the course work, not one after the reception, so question to those who expected something from this straight line:

“What were You waiting for, comrades?

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