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Exchange the food in Moscow staged a “funeral” for RosEvroBank

Валютные ипотечники в Москве устроили "похороны репутации" РосЕвроБанка

Currency mortgage borrowers held a mourning ceremony near the head office of RosEvroBank in the Vavilova street in Moscow, reports “New newspaper”.

About two dozen people gathered in front of the Bank building with carnations in their hands and the sounds of the funeral March, read out the farewell words addressed to the financial institution.

One of the organizers Alexander Peretokin reported that it was a theatrical action on the funeral of the reputation of the Bank. “We communicated with the Bank for almost two years, offering to move us to RUB on acceptable terms at the exchange rate of the Central Bank. For some reason they are not listening to us. We are actually two years chasing the Bank and trying to get to do business”, — he explained.

According to Peretokin, this is the third action. “Sometimes you have to activate”, — he noted, adding that previous success: the participants, the first Deputy Chairman of the Bank, “but there was no result”.

Recently in Russia have become frequent protest the exchange of food. In late January, the food handcuffed themselves to the building of the Bank “DeltaCredit” on Mokhovaya street in Moscow. In early February, in the centre of Moscow about a hundred of currency borrowers blocked the street Neglinnaya, near the building of the Central Bank. Then there was a spontaneous demonstration in the offices of Raiffeisenbank Smolenskaya-Sennaya square in Moscow. 1 March of the current year currency borrowers broke in a reception “an United Russia” in Moscow.

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