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Exchange Savchenko on Karadzic! Why not?

Размен Савченко на Караджича! Почему нет?

The international criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) recognized the former President of Republika Srpska Radovan Karadzic guilty of genocide and sentenced to 40 years in prison. Since Karadzic is now 70 years, this period can be seen as lifelong.

At the same time a Russian court sentenced the infamous former army national guard of Ukrainian Nadezhda Savchenko. For war crimes she was sentenced to 22 years imprisonment in a strict regime colony.

Both of these judicial decisions has caused ambiguous reaction of the world community. In the first case, the world community welcomed the court’s verdict, the second treated him disapprovingly. Meanwhile, Karadzic and Savchenko at home have become national heroes, one in Serbia and one in Ukraine. Moreover, immediately after the court verdicts, there was talk about a possible exchange for the Ukrainian citizen detained in prison in Ukraine, agents of the Russian intelligence services and U.S. citizens of Russia pilot Yaroshenko and businessman booth. The last Americans accused of assisting in drug trafficking and illegal arms sales. However, it soon appeared in the press reports that neither the U.S. government nor the Russian government did not Express and have not received any official proposals in this regard. However, the Internet does not cease to discuss this topic, putting forward a variety of sharing options. On this background the exchange offer Savchenko on Karadzic does not look utopian. Because both are judicially recognized as war criminals. While the decisions of these courts are not all in the world recognized as legitimate. Both of them at home recognized as national heroes. Also finding both in the conclusion gives some problems. Europe after the death in custody of Milosevic, whom it failed to ensure proper conditions of stay in prison do not need a new scandal, which is possible if the elderly Karadzic something like this would happen. And Russia still remembers the incarceration of Khodorkovsky and the associated political costs. How much will rise the authority of the European community and Russia in the eyes of their supporters and allies in the event of the implementation of this project. This will strengthen their belief that Europe, and the Russians, unlike the US not to hand over, and at the earliest opportunity will help in difficult times.

So do not be surprised if the exchange takes place, and Merkel will make a selfie with Savchenko in Berlin, and Putin will be greeted by Karadzic in the Kremlin.

Размен Савченко на Караджича! Почему нет?    

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