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Every fifth computer in 2020 will be a hybrid

Analysts predicted the direction of the development of the personal computer market for the next 3.5 years on the basis of the data that are already here. They are confident in the growing demand for hybrid notebooks that can transform into tablets, and, in their view, by 2020, this feature will boast every fifth PC in the world.

Such an interesting forecast was made by experts of analytical company IDC. A 20 percent market share that hybrids will get by the end of the decade — this is a very good result, considering the fact that they now owned less than 5 percent. Of course, in the end, everything may not be so, but analysts have no doubt that the demand for transformers will continue to grow very quickly, and quite probably exceeding the 20 percent threshold by the end of the decade. The staff of the IDC identified a number of reasons for the growth of interest of buyers to hybrid notebooks, and the most important is the comfort and ease of use.

The regular tablet is almost useless when working with documents and e-mail, as the on-screen keyboard impossible speed typing, and you have to buy a hardware keyboard, while the laptop may be too cumbersome when you just want to watch a movie. IDC also noted that by 2020, the market share of tablets will reduce significantly, while the laptops will be able to stay at the current level thanks to ultrabook PCs — mobile PC with a very slim body.

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