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European automakers are scared of closing the borders for refugees

Европейские автопроизводители испугались закрытия границ из-за беженцев

Representatives of the European automotive industry are concerned about the tightening of border controls in Europe due to the influx of migrants to the region, reports Reuters. The concern about this was expressed by the CEO of Opel, Europe Ford, and Daimler at the motor show in Geneva.

According to the head of Ford Germany, Bernhard Matthes, a possible cancellation of the agreement on free movement within the Schengen zone and the tightening of border control, will adversely affect the supply of goods and can hit production. The cross-border freedom of movement — the basis for effective industry of Europe, he said.

“The disappearance of the Schengen zone would have been monstrous,” says he CEO of Opel, Karl-Thomas Neumann.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said that the borders threatens the very existence of the European Union. In his opinion, the next step will be the abolition of the single currency because of the disappearance of internal European market.

According to the Schengen Convention, the member countries of the agreement have the right to temporary restoration of passport controls at internal borders if necessary to maintain security and public order. Such a need arose in the year 2015, when the EU crisis due to the influx of refugees, mainly from war-torn Syria.

Currently control at national borders to prevent illegal migration apply Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Malta and Austria.

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