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Europe sees no threat to the Ukrainian nuclear power plant, but in vain..

Европа не видит угрозы в украинских АЭС, а зря..

The current Ukrainian leadership, or at least, what they considered, in the heat of their Russophobic hate action, has decided to freeze Ukraine’s citizens and to Rob them to the skin, but also to arrange for the whole of Europe a real nuclear Apocalypse, in comparison with which Chernobyl and Fukushima will seem simply children’s games.

And while the West is looking for Islamic terrorists near their nuclear Energetiki, in Ukraine, their search is not necessary, as the Ukrainian government does everything for the organization of nuclear disasters.

On the territory of modern Ukraine are located Zaporizhzhya, South-Ukrainian, Khmelnytsky and Rivne NPPs. They are separate subdivisions of SOE “NNEGC “Energoatom” and are part of the South Ukrainian energy complex. Since 2014, with the aggravation of the situation in Ukraine, these stations, as, indeed, the entire nuclear industry of Ukraine is seriously reeling.

Repeated emergency stop of the second power unit of South-Ukrainian NPP, the attempts of unjustified extensions of the work term worn-out equipment at nuclear power plants, the loss of skilled personnel and, as consequence, decrease in the quality of repairs and scheduled maintenance of equipment recently supplemented frankly dangerous attempts to transfer the nuclear industry on American fuel.

It is no secret that official Kiev declared the rejection of technological cooperation with Russia in the nuclear sector and a shift towards American technology and standards based only on populism and whipping up anti-Russian hysteria in Ukrainian domestic politics.

Given the realities of today’s socio-political life in the country to contradict the official “policymakers” Kyiv bottling today is simply dangerous. However, when it comes to such a complex and dangerous areas as nuclear power, the most significant word should be left for the professionals. Their assessment of the prevailing dangerous situation in our nuclear industry and attempts to refute all the arguments of the Kiev politicians.

Thus, in connection with the denunciation in September 2015 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the agreement with the SC “Rosatom” on construction of power units № 3 and 4 at Khmelnitsky NPP Ministry of energy and coal industry of Ukraine ordered in SE NNEGC “Energoatom” an economic analysis of the consequences of this decision. As a result of scientific and technical center of the company submitted to the Ministry a report, which reported that unit No. 3 is ready by about 78%, unit No. 4 at 30%. While their dismantling and site clean up will be required around 4 billion USD that will significantly increase the project cost and will increase the period of building the nuclear facility of a different foreign contractor.

The report clearly substantiates the negative impact of termination of cooperation with Russia in the nuclear sector:

So, 2019 will come to the end of the project period of operation of seven power units of Ukrainian NPPs, which are planned for launch include the state Corporation “Rosatom” blocks № 3 and 4 of Khmelnitsky NPP. This step would ensure stable generation of electricity and to consistently stop for the modernisation of blocks of Zaporizhzhya, South-Ukrainian, Khmelnytsky and Rivne NPPs.

According to estimates of Ukrainian experts, the rupture of the contract with the Russian side given the deepening crisis of thermal generation in the medium term will cause a shortage of electricity and will contribute to the worsening of the socio-economic problems in the country.

In this regard, the report of the SE NNEGC “Energoatom” to the Ministry of energy and coal industry of Ukraine contains a conclusion about the economic feasibility of non-cooperation with Rosatom in the nuclear sector. And do in Kiev the voices of the professionals? The population of the Ukraine and their immediate neighbors — the residents of Eastern Europe, Belarus, Moldova and Russia can only hope.

In the press leaked information about the fact that the refusal of Ukrainian officials from the electricity supply in the Crimea has provoked the growth of tariffs and the looming collapse of the power system of Ukraine.

Then immediately influenced insane, or not say, the actions of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula energoblok: it turned out that without Crimea the Ukrainian nuclear power plant began to operate with “underload” that nuclear power is simply unacceptable. Attempts main “nuclear” Arseniy Yatsenyuk to make Ukrainian nuclear power plants to operate in CHP mode, that is, to reduce or to increase the production of electricity depending on the needs, caused laughter even among the monkeys on the Cape Verde Islands, not to mention scientists-nuclear scientists.

Ukrainian political squabbles quite naturally began to affect the nuclear industry: no sooner had the Ukrainian government to move away from another political crisis caused by the attempts of the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada to dismiss Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, as the officials “Nezalezhnoy” gave a new reason of the length of criticism and gossip.

This time the cause of the scandal was forthcoming heating season, around which Kyiv polychromed made a real dancing with tambourines. First Yatsenyuk with considerable fanfare announced the failure of coal reserves for the winter heating period, which caused a considerable stir among ordinary citizens of Ukraine.

However has not passed also several weeks as the Minister of energy and coal industry of Ukraine Vladimir Demchishin on the meeting with heads of industrial companies and representatives of the Directorate of SE NNEGC “Energoatom” disavowed the statements of the Ukrainian Prime Minister. The Minister demanded from his subordinates to ensure that when communicating with the media tried to convince people about the adequacy of reserves in Ukraine coal, increasing output and the state’s ability to ensure winter heating season due to NPP and TPP.

What made the Prime Minister and the relevant Minister to enter into a public squabble, providing conflicting information? Civil society activists and Ukrainian journalists conducted an investigation, the results of which stunned even seasoned political scientists of Kyiv.

It turns out that even early December 2015, in strict secrecy, the meeting of the Director of SE NNEGC “Energoatom” Yuri Nedashkovsky with the Chairman of the National Commission of regulation of power industry of Ukraine Dmitry Vovk. The Board is so long and boring name, plays a crucial role in the life of Ukraine, since it determines the level of electricity tariffs for enterprises and citizens of the Republic.

It is easy to guess that the main purpose of the meeting for the Nedashkovskiy was lobbying the idea of tariff revision in the direction of their increase. Ukrainian journalists found out that the Director-oligarch demanded to raise tariffs immediately by 1.5%! The main reason for the shake of tariffs was called significant losses of SE NNEGC “Energoatom” arising after the termination of supply of the Republic of Crimea of the Russian Federation.

In a conversation with the Chairman of the National Commission Yury Nedashkovsky pushed corn and other Ukrainian officials. The fact is that with the decline of the company’s revenues is complicated by the financing of the extension of Ukrainian NPP reactors, the design life of which expires in the next two years.

In fact, D. Vovka was delivered an ultimatum. For the Ukrainian power industry continued to operate in the normal mode, requires money. Neither oligarchs nor West company money is not going to give. So I will have to get into the pockets of ordinary citizens. However, crushed by taxes, the Ukrainians are unlikely to overcome the new increase in electricity tariffs. As a result, losses of the industry will grow, and the dissatisfaction of the ruling elite may lead to a new Maidan.

The threat of a political crisis and forced Ukrainian officials to make loud, but conflicting statements. Amid the collapse of the nuclear industry, the political leadership of Ukraine to prevent mass civilian protests hides from them the true state of Affairs in the energy sector of the country as a whole. However, to distract the people populist chatter happens only to the first frosts and the beginning of the heating season 2016. It is unlikely that the slogans and promises of officials can warm the inhabitants of the Ukraine, when you hit the cold.

It seems that the current Ukrainian leadership, or, at least, who they considered to be in the heat of their Russophobic hate action, has decided to freeze Ukraine’s citizens and to Rob them to the skin, but also to arrange for the whole of Europe a real nuclear Apocalypse, in comparison with which Chernobyl and Fukushima will seem simply children’s games.


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