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Eurocodes for Ukraine

Евроконец для Украины

The degradation rate of Ukraine has surprised even its curators from Godsea and the EU. Two years after the “revolution” processes became unmanageable: the parliamentary coalition disappeared a year after early parliamentary elections, the Cabinet has actually lost its legitimacy, support for the “odnomodovogo President” had fallen to seventeen percent.

The extent of corruption is such that “the dictatorial regime of Yanukovych” was not even dreamed of. They are just little children compared to the carve-up which is arranged the so-called “strategic seven” – a narrow circle of Ukrainian officials headed “the guarantor of the nation” who steal everything from the IMF tranches and ending with socks for “heroes ATO.” The inertia of the control system was still working two years, but now it is quite illusory safety margin is fully exhausted. All the scribe.

De facto curators of the project “Ukraine” was faced with the phenomenon of “king Midas”. Only, unlike the mythical character, everything they touch paws “of the new Ukrainian elite”, turns into absolute shit of the highest standard. Even the most optimistic projections of analysts from numerous “research foundati” U.S. state Department, in the zone “UA” there was an abscess of epic proportions, which at any moment can burst. And then in the waste “Ukrainian European activity” will all who were handing out cookies on the Maidan and promised visa-free regime rollers in green peas.

Therefore, in full accordance with the conspiracy the conspiracy theories, the birth of the new plan to “rescue” the Ukrainian project in the next few days to fall apart into its component biological parts.

The Georgians, the Lithuanians and even the staff of the state Department, embedded in the institutions of Ukraine, were powerless to change the existing system. No prospects for its reforming the curators haven’t seen already. So was born the scenario of direct European rule.

Forty-eight (!) Ukrainian deputies headed by the speaker of Groisman whole week staggered in Brussels. Officially this mass “tour” was called “Week of Ukraine in the European Parliament”. Actually there was a mass recruitment “looking” for a new plan establishing a direct protectorate of the EU in Ukraine.

During the meeting, the speaker Groysman with the head of the European Parliament Martin Schulz discussed the plan of transfer of power in Ukraine, the true owners of the country. In Kiev for three months should be established “europaviertel”. Longer to implant foreigners to the Cabinet of Ministers. The “office of the European Commission” in Ukraine, which de facto will be transferred to the main powers of the government and the President.

All will be presented as a “set of interim measures for settlement of the political-economic crisis”. And, of course, to “fulfil all demands of the European Union to grant Ukraine visa-free regime”.

In the first phase mandate “evroofis” would include the appointment and oversight of the Ministers of the Cabinet of Ministers. Perhaps in the Verkhovna Rada will be adopted by a legislative act legalizing this new “super government” in Ukraine. But, most likely, all will simply put before the fact.

The only trump, which is at the top of the option to go under the direct protectorate of the EU, visa – free regime. Its introduction, by the way, again postponed. Now promise in the first half of 2017. Speaker Groisman mom swears that it will. The patriots have already rashly promised to burn down Parliament if the deputies did not fulfill “all the conditions of the EU”. So, ironically, the myth of “visa-free regime” continues to be an effective tool for the management of the Ukrainian Patriotic biomasses. Even for a vague hope to go to Europe through Ukrainian passport, they are ready to fulfill all, even the most perverse imagination of Europeans. Want to make their government in Ukraine, changing the constitutional form of government? Yes, no question. All only for.

The state Department and the EU clearly understand that the Parliament, government and President of Ukraine – it is a deadlock branch of development “political animals”. They are frantically looking for a way to get biomass it in the usual format “buffer zone”. First tried to create a puppet government and to push the “pocket President”. From the point of view of personalities, they all turned out. But the system output was the same. It didn’t help.

Now came the turn of direct rule. After all, what is the “reform of the Ukrainian Parliament”, which so actively promotes the speaker Groysman? That directly in the office of BP will sit with the Europeans and control the entire legislative process, from writing the draft laws prior to their adoption. And only in their go-ahead, Parliament can make laws. The same applies to the sphere of authority of the Cabinet and the President, primarily personnel. All appointments are agreed with the “EU office”, which is deployed directly in Kiev. Remote control through negotiations, meetings, commitments have already proven their effectiveness.

Dont undertake armed support of the project “European protectorate”. They have already done the collapse of the Prosecutor General, who is living out the last months, and start a new repressive system: the National anti-corruption Bureau, the State Bureau of investigation, anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s office, Agency search and management of confiscated assets. The basic principle of operation of the system of repression is simple: you must implement the Georgian experience in the fight against corruption. Miho Saakashvili, who currently toils for the posts of Governor of the Odessa region, clearly served as President of the “Jordie”, American plant – plant a minimum of one percent of the population. In the first place, symbolic of corrupt officials.

However, in Ukraine there is almost thirty-seven million people. Will not be able to jail more people. Therefore, I compiled a list of three hundred corrupt officials. Their planting should produce in the country a wave of fear of “all-seeing Germans, who know all about those who steal”. Further the scheme of the fight against corruption also tested in Georgia. Corrupt put, starting to unwind the scheme. Of course, under the current legal system, the recovery may be delayed by one year. But there is one simple prescription: “the prisoner” a man comes and invites him to go free. Almost with a clear conscience. You just have to pay seventy percent of the acquired back-breaking toil of funds in the Agency asset management. In Georgia, this technique worked. It is the turn of Ukraine. Now let’s sum up. What will the Brussels conspiracy?

Firstly, Ukraine introduced a direct colonial control just ahead of the 25th anniversary of “independence”. For what there was a Maidan, you ask? It turns out, that’s what. “Carrot” remains a visa-free tourism. But not now, but after the implementation of all recommendations of the “EU office”.

Secondly, the whole economy is being formatted with the interests of multinational European and American companies. Engineering, aerospace engineering, metallurgy and other industries in which the owners are not interested, just eliminated. This is already de facto happened. Only need to deal with a few oligarchs, and all will be over. Only the agricultural sector and transit potential.

Third, all current “elite”, first Yatsenyuk and Petro Poroshenko, immediately receive the status of “transitional figures” with the prospect of a scrap in 2017 (or even earlier). Accelerated pace begins “reboot of the elites”. In the first position are regular agents of the state Department, which now has created a “political platform” in the Pro-presidential faction PPO (Niemi, lesenki, zalishki Ukrainian and other degenerates), the same Saakashvili and his party “For cleaning up!” and the tandem Tymoshenko–Nalivaychenko. Moreover, Tymoshenko received on your voluminous ass stamp of approval by the U.S. state Department, discusses the role of electoral uterus, which should bring the presidential orbit Valentin Nalyvaychenko.

The rotation of the “elite” are planning to hold until then, until all will not understand: it makes no sense to invest in the campaign, since everything is, ultimately, decide at the state Department and the European Commission. And when this simple truth will learn all of the owners of large States, narrowly escaped prison, the political landscape of Ukraine changed. Pimply nerds with glasses and scary, sexually frustrated “woman” will be the basic material for policy. Everything in “Europe”.

Of course, the picture becomes quite bleak. Can the plan “europrotection” to be implemented? In principle, Yes. It all seems logical and reasonable. Biomass, which started out as a service Eurohostel ready. Mental and emotionally. But I still believe in the principle of “a well…Poo”, which in that country is implementing all global political projects. At first glance, Europeans can rejoice, because the mechanism is so favorite their body. However, in practice, this principle means complete inability to do something “European” in Ukraine.

Yes, for the illusion of a visa-free regime office plankton, which is the basis of the Ukrainian “creative class”, can be quite long and hard to stand in the knee-elbow posture. Ultimately, however, persistently reproduces the above-mentioned integration model of the European values. The output is pure crap of the highest order. Something like this.

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