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“Visa-free regime” with the EU Ukrainians have dubbed “the Iron curtain”

«Безвизовый режим» с ЕС украинцы окрестили «Железным занавесом»

Press-conference in information Agency “ГолосUA” was devoted to the problems of visa-free regime in Ukraine and corruption, which unsuccessfully fighting the Ukrainian government.

Ukrainians from all farther sailing the myth of a happy European future and promised visa-free regime. The standard of living dropped so much that the vast majority of people — more than 80% of the population in 2016 will not be able to afford to go on vacation, even within their own country. Therefore, the President Petro Poroshenko only be proud of the lack of visas with Turkey.

All a long history with the visa-free regime started when the Baltic States joined the EU, and for Ukrainians entering the former Soviet Baltic States was impossible without a visa. Preliminary talks began Leonid Kuchma continued their Viktor Yushchenko, and then this long-playing record began to spin at Victor Yanukovych.

2014 Petro Poroshenko made this topic almost a fetish. photo © Pauline Orel — the Decision on visa-free regime is not simply postponed and may be canceled unilaterally by the EU. And made it can be at any time, — says political scientist – foreign Affairs specialist Sergei Tolstov. — Ukrainian passport, for example, compared to Russian, “weaker” in 22 countries: Ukrainians without visas to visit 74 countries, and a Russian — 96. On the other hand, without a visa-free regime does not make sense and trading Association with the EU, where a priori there should be free movement for businessmen and not only for members of Parliament. It is absurd that the EU still wants to work in Ukraine by colonial pattern: the Europeans in Ukraine, and Ukrainians to Europe is out of the question. But not just on one economic component based this prohibition, which the Ukrainians called the “iron curtain”.

According to Tolstov, the political problem — corruption. “For Western experts completely unimaginable its scale in Ukraine, — the expert continues. Because in the words of the Prime Minister of Ukraine, the corruption burden on the state is at least 50 billion hryvnia, and in the Verkhovna Rada convocation 2014 appeared pool of so-called new “blagodatov Maidan”, whose condition is estimated in the millions of dollars. And that’s not to mention the children of current officials”.

Indeed, one cynical example is the behavior of the son of the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, regularly losing astronomical for ordinary Ukrainians the amount of whist and poker.

The Europeans understand how the sources of income of the Ukrainian Parliament are illegal, always put them in black lists, knowing that cheaters should hold hands and “let go”. Thus, even the Polish Ambassador in Ukraine speaks on the possibility of visa-free regime at the end of 2017 and even later.

Today, the EU dictates for Ukraine its conditions, such as movement of workers, tourists, goods and services, and other standards of living by European rules.

Our political class does not associate their future with Ukraine. For him, this country is a habitat for making money — said the Director of the Agency for social communications Sergey Belasco.

— Today Ukrainian official puts his assets to the mother-in-law, great-grandmother, relatives of the wife by the first marriage and so on, and the Tenens we have become by inheritance. And if officials are investing in its bureaucratic or parliamentary position money, they should as soon as possible their “beat”, when in power. In Ukraine for many years maintained a trend: man, coming into power, saying, “what?” That is, the applicant must prove their affiliation to the clan: you people either Poroshenko or Tymoshenko, with such goes up to the level of the head of the village Council. Today in Ukraine the administrative rent is an indicator of the functioning of the political class.

These “neo-feudal legal order of Ukraine” became the norm and scare Europeans. However, in the EU understand that despite this the clan system, with Ukraine it’s still going to have to.

In the West, where belief in progress is unshakable and unwavering, was horrified at the fact that for two years after the so-called revolution of dignity, nothing has changed for the better and has become much worse. And today, the credibility of the West in relation to Ukraine is completely exhausted.

«Безвизовый режим» с ЕС украинцы окрестили «Железным занавесом»
Why they failed to implement a visa-free regime? Why the authorities have nothing to say to people? And the answer lies on the surface, but it is very unpleasant for Poroshenko and Maidan team.

The Ukrainian authorities have not provided for people equal and democratic rules of the game: neither in business nor in education, nor in the social sphere. When the business trying to get stronger, say that you have to “share”, he goes into the shadows and wants nothing to do with this government.

Today, the entire state apparatus is working against the society, delivered in harsh conditions for basic survival.

It is obvious that without overcoming such relations Ukraine will remain a “black hole” with corrupt neo-feudal clans, and people will not be allowed on the Dominican Republic or Peru, with whom we now have visa-free regime.

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