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ESET: the social network actively captures “shkolota”

The company ESET conducted a study of social networks, in which found out the minimum age for account holders. As it turned out, in such projects often register people who are not only 18, but even 11 years, and this applies to networks popular in Russia.

According to a study by ESET, parents are not so strictly control the network activity of their minor children: according to statistics, about 25% of offspring aged up to eight years easily are allowed to the Global Network without any control. Meanwhile, these same parents are seriously concerned about modern technology: as many as 97 percent of respondents believe that children start too early to use the Network, and only the remaining 3% do not see anything wrong.

With regard to children, 61% of respondents registered social media when it was not even 11 years old, with 24% of respondents have created your first account at 7 years of age, and 16% in 8 years. Social media, of course, favorable each new user that’s just in the same “Vkontakte” there is an age limit — officially to use the network is allowed by adults only. It is obvious that social networks, there is no control over the age of their users, so this task falls directly on the shoulders of parents. And your child is already using similar services?

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