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Envy rotten soul

Прогнившая завистью душа

“Proud like the Apple rotten inside, and outside a brilliant beauty” – so said the monk John of the ladder. Here and the current Ukrainian pride “patriotychnuyu svidomist”, exterior shines arrogance and arrogance, and the inside is just rotten with envy soul.

Who would have thought that pride and envy will become a cause of hatred of one part of the Russian people to another part and that subsequently the fruits of those passions and vices by the will of the cunning and crafty foreigners will become the Foundation of the construction of the whole state for the purpose of fratricidal feud?

Thinking over everything that has happened, I can’t understand the difference between a Russian living North, South, East or West from me, where is this mythical boundary, which in essence is not on earth, but rather in the souls of people living under one roof, in one family, referred to as the “Russian people”. And this border in his heart every conducts himself. But, most interestingly, such conversion and fencing inside people conduct not in anger or resentment, but for the money, that is, envy and pride grow, watered them with money. And the gathering place of such sellers of their soul buyers identified in Kiev on the Maidan, not to look for them all over the country.

In 1991 the slogan justifying the point of creating the Ukrainian state, was the fact that “we, the Ukrainians, the great and industrious nation, and Moscow eat that all takes and live in opulence at our expense, but still controls and is tormenting us.”

Some thoughts, like who didn’t claim to not belong to all the people, and belong to a specific person or group of persons. these are the thoughts and there was the team party embezzlers Kravchuk and their accomplices who spend their career dreaming dreams independently and without restriction to Rob the people, to become bourgeoisie, Mafioso, enjoying the delights of the Western “civilized boorishness”. For these villains and their families became close to Soviet houses and apartments wanted sea of luxury and carnal pleasures. Here with such thoughts and began to Ukrainian separatists-the bureaucrats of the state construction under the guidance and protection of the Western allies, on a plan which Ukraine was supposed to become anti-Russian project, led by the ruthless fascist mafia.

But, no matter how hard the patriots embezzlers, Russophobia did not become a national idea: has United Ukrainian society, but rather split it. While the former partnomenklatury krawczykowski-Kuchma gang of embezzlers argued that “Ukraine is not Russia”, with the help of the West has beaten more nimble young mafia, created by American technology. But Russophobia has become the most effective operational cover for the occupation of Ukraine by Western elites than it was supposed to be according to the intention of the state Department.

To understand how the Russophobia in Ukraine, first you need to understand from what sources it is financed, considering along with the process of occupation. These schemes have been created since the onset of the so-called “thaw in Soviet-American relations” and “haputale-market perestroika” in the USSR.

For anybody not a secret already that the puppet U.S. authorities conduct their policy in the interests of international elites, which owns the transnational corporations, who are the actual occupants of Ukraine. They are the sponsors of globalization processes. From all that has been collected, collated and analysed, the outline of what phases, thus (the global elite and their property — TNK will be considered as one of globalization):

In any particular or group of TNCs is formed a specific economic interest in Ukraine. In fact, most of the TNC was formed in the times of Gorbachev’s perestroika, before the USSR collapse.

For the implementation of specific projects in TNC hired the right people, lobbyists of their interests, both among Western governments and the Ukrainian authorities. When cooperation is established, TNC allocated for operational cover and the organizational needs of the transaction by mutual agreement may be funded by various state or public programs (in other words, a Deposit or a bribe), including activities Russophobic nature. Money received on account, specially created for the different funds, from charities and to human rights. Streamline, organize and control this process by a specially created state Department and U.S. intelligence agencies under specific programs (e.g., Coordinating Committee to aid Ukraine).

On money funds either directly with or through these organizations come to Ukraine (there can be intermediaries). Before, they were paying Russophobic different programs (all that zaplanirovan the state Department to implement the occupation). Now this money goes to pay the media, private paramilitaries (operating in the interests of TNCs and the protection of the puppet Ukrainian authorities), crowd, different operations, etc.

After that Kyiv started to work the Deposit (on your guard, and cover), fulfilling all the instructions of the US in its plans of TNCs. Here You have a false market, the selection is on a competitive basis, on favorable terms to the state. So become American TNCs out of the competition.

To make it clearer, without affecting the economic security of business entities of the American occupiers, consider specific examples, at least in General terms.

Back in the times of Gorbachev betrayal of national interests. With the beginning of “Perestroika”, American MNCs are ready to conquer the economic expanse sentenced to death in the Western Soviet Union. For the success of such a case in TNK there is a need for staff, once associated with the Soviet Union.

In 1985 TNK “Foster Wheeler Development Corporation” Vice-President of the Corporation is the engineer-mechanician Vladimir Dmitrievich, Wolowodiuk (born September 28, 1929 in the village of Ivachiv Dolishnii, it is now the Ternopil district, Ternopil region). During the Nazi occupation of Ukraine from 1941 to 1944, he studied at the Ternopil Ukrainian gymnasium. In connection with the liberation of Ukraine by the Soviet Army went to Germany, where in 1947 he moved to live in the USA. He received a bachelor’s degree at the Institute of technology, Newark (1953) and her graduate degree at the University of new York (1960). Since 1970-ies was an active worker Bandera youth organization “Plast”, which is under the wing of U.S. intelligence. Curriculum vitae of Wolowodiuk taken me from the article O. Bilaniuk in the “Encyclopedia of modern Ukraine”. For those who don’t know the work of the security services TNCs state of the giants and U.S. intelligence are closely intertwined and interrelated, so, if you want to explore these issues, don’t be surprised if the same people will pop up and there and there.

For a person who is not familiar with the American economy, the name “Foster Wheeler” nothing to say, so here is a short digression. “Foster Wheeler” — one of the largest-capitalization U.S. TRANS-national corporations centered in new York, it projects and construction of new enterprises, reconstruction and expansion projects of oil and gas, refining, chemical, power and pharmaceutical industries, including the military-industrial complex. This oven is of high quality for metallurgy, is the leading technologies for heavy residues processing technology for delayed coking SYDEC. Subsidiaries are located worldwide. Included in the NASDAQ-100 Index. This Corporation is still in 1928-1930 competed for the Soviet market with Boston “Badger and Sons”, English “Vickers”, the German “Borman”, “Dobbs” and “Heckmann” and together they supplied the equipment for the refinery. When the Soviet engineering industry has risen to the world level, “Foster Wheeler” rigidly competed with us in the global market, especially in developing countries. Hope no need to explain, what was there interest in the collapse of the Soviet Union, the destruction of the Soviet economy and capture the market of former republics, and especially Ukraine. For example, 27.08.2006, the Corporation invited the government of Montenegro plan to build an oil plant, the estimated cost of the project which is equal to 1.5 billion euros (economy.gov.ru from 27.08.2006 No. 43499), imagine the speed. And Ukraine in this TNC interests so much to list and describe articles is not enough, so will put one example, in the enterprise “Donbass-energy” Finnish daughter “Foster Wheeler” has a comprehensive program of technical modernization of equipment for thermal power plants, instead of Soviet, which is much cheaper to hold Russia, and technically it fits.

Vice-President of “Foster Wheeler” W. Wolowodiuk was simultaneously Deputy head of the created Fund of assistance to Ukraine. From 1991 to 1995 he actively creates and chairs the Foundation for the children of Ukraine, while working in the “Foster Wheeler”. In 1995 he retired from the position of the Corporation and became the head of the coordinating Committee to aid Ukraine, created with the direct participation of the American authorities and the financial support of many TNCs. What do You think what this Committee was doing? Will bring a number of examples.

I’ve always wondered, where did the Ukrainian school textbooks Russophobic orientation, raising children to hate everything Russian? Who paid for this proud arrogance and spiteful hatred in children’s hearts? It turns out that these money funds with a specially created Coordinating Committee to aid Ukraine in cooperation with the Ministry of education of Ukraine under the strict guidance of Wolowodiuk I have published eight books with a total circulation of 2.5 million copies. So this is just what managed to learn me. Just on the issue of information on the Internet very little.

Coordinating Committee to aid Ukraine with money specially created Fund “Ukrainian Federal credit Union “Samopomoc” the city of new York (President Bogdan Cakes) with the assistance of the Main Department of internal policy of presidential Administration of Ukraine has organized training Courses national training in “ukrainoznavstvo” (knowledge about the Ukrainians) for officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is something like the courses of party-political propaganda in Soviet times. Only here is taught not decisions of congresses of the CPSU Central Committee, the works of Lenin and Marx, and about the Russian threat and the Imperial plans of Russia against Ukraine. And these courses started under L. D. Kuchma. Published books on relevant Russophobic orientation for the Ukrainian army.

Imagine the magnitude of such operational cover for the occupation of Ukraine if, for example, according to the order of the President of Ukraine from 22.01.2001 №14/2001-RP “On holding of the third world forum of Ukrainians” in August 2001 to the organizing Committee, which was headed personally by Leonid Kuchma, was incorporated V. Wolowodiuk and the head of the Ukrainian American coordinating Council Igor Gawdiak. I think you can understand, in whose interests and why Leonid Kuchma headed the Ukrainian contact group at the talks in Minsk.

Finally, on 3 April 1999 in new York the Consulate General of Ukraine former Ukrainian Ambassador to the USA A. Buteyko, Vladimir Wolowodiuk was awarded the order “For merits” the third degree according to the Decree of the President of Ukraine L. D. Kuchma No. 181/99, dated 17 February 1999.

And you think this is free? Yes, no TNCs, reaching their goals, recover costs for these activities with a vengeance, conquering markets and gaining huge profits. When using the factor of Russophobia out of the Ukrainian market of Russian producers, even though their cheap and quality products, and then the American MNCs become out of competition. For example, now the result is paid through the funds of American corporations, the forcing of Russophobia and the iniquity of nationalist armed formations of Russian producers being ousted from the Ukrainian market even on the official level. Western multinationals these their costs invest in their products and services by going to the Ukrainian market, and they are reimbursed later by the state budget and the pockets of ordinary Ukrainians.

Here, the story of the supply of nuclear fuel for Ukrainian nuclear power plants. The American Corporation “Westinghouse”, in the words of its head, Danny Roderick, ready to replace Ukrainian market of supply of nuclear energieplus for nuclear power plants the Russians, although the U.S. nuclear fuel is much more expensive and not technologically suitable for use, is dangerous, as the equipment of Soviet nuclear power plants, components which are produced in Russia. The Americans have already started the supply of expensive fuel, as a result, the price of electricity in Ukraine went up. The ordinary Ukrainians we have in the price per kilowatt paid the initial costs of TNCs to “the time of Patriotic nationalists with weapons”, for an expensive nuclear fuel from “Westinghouse”, the profits of Ukrainian power companies owned by the mafia-oligarchs and taxes to the budget, which peels in the pockets of the Kiev government that appointed US.

This is the situation and turns on gas, and very many positions in Economics, including American TNCs producing GM products that same way come to the Ukrainian market. To paint all the details can write a book. This is in General terms to understand what is happening.

For American TNCs policy is a lever of pressure on its competitors in the free-market relations. In Ukraine the method is simple — pay Russophobia and armed nationalist fascism, which ensures the safety of the Kiev puppets, and have the upper hand in the Ukrainian market. Nothing more just business: TNCs and with the profit, and the patriots with the Ukrainian media pleased with high earnings, and Kiev “Vlad” is sleeping and steals quietly, all the actors are happy, except passively watching the Ukrainian people with tears in their eyes.

The poor man, hungry child, bankrupt business, dying from lack of funds for the treatment of the sick, unemployed workers have to thank and reward all the Maidan and “svidomye” armed patriots, who have already got their money for operational support of the occupation of American TNCs.

So what is the great Ukrainian pride?

Vitaly Trifonov

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