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Environmental Renta – new weapons the US in the economic wars

Экологическая рента - новое оружие США в экономических войнах

A few years ago we only heard about shale oil and even shale gas revolution. Optimistic propagandists promised the world a lot, a lot of cheap oil. Our domestic vsepropalshchik jumped with a tambourine, praising the progressiveness of America and criticized Russia for what she is not this way. Oil prices have dropped, but not because of shale oil. What happened to all rainbow projects?

The shale bubble

It is clear that they closed. When the price of oil at 100 dollars “kanavice” were able to extract profits but only at the expense of limiting cost minimization. What you could save? Save on nature. Where mined shale oil – a territory of ecological disaster. It is strange that we haven’t seen any significant protest against the green development oil fields barbaric way of hydraulic fracturing.

Current state of the field, extracting shale hydrocarbons, and especially areas where there are depleted and abandoned fields, shows that no work on the abolition of the damage to the environment, was carried out. They have not even begun. At the time, Barack Obama boasted that the U.S. is in first place in the world to introduce “green” technologies, but it is absolutely silent about the fact that USA is the biggest polluter of the environment.

The environmental issue is important, but another important question: how the US plans to compensate losses from reduction of prices on oil to maintain the stability of its financial system? This additional source could be the collection of so-called “ecological rent”, i.e. additional deductions from income of oil companies that will be applied to the compensation for damage to the environment and investments in “green” energy.

The redistribution of property

First, the Americans will train on “cats” – their kancevica, which, obviously, must somehow compensate for all the damage they have done to nature. And if they can’t handle it, let them pay for other people’s work. It is not clear, however, from what shishey the oilers are going to pay when, to put it mildly, a dysfunctional financial condition, as evidenced by Forbes.

The answer lies on the surface. Large companies will for debts to buy up small, that they already do. For the sake of stabilization and even growth in oil prices, they will begin to sanitize, and bottle deposits. America in the era of shale gas revolution reminds America of the era of the gold rush. As will subsequent periods.

During the gold rush lone prospectors mined the most easily mined gold, which because of its abundance of donated at a reduced price. And then on the field came a large company and the miners were left with nothing. Gold rush enriched the few, and even more people has led to poverty.

The shale revolution is developing under the same scenario. Small kancevica, saving on the environment, produced the most easily extracted oil, ate the money and now claim about the default or filing for bankruptcy. After the gold rush is a redistribution of property between the major players. Shales did the trick – pumped U.S. oil to the eyeballs: the production of its own oil exceeded imports. Will someone shake on the subject of “ecological rent”.

Ecological rent as an instrument of global hegemony USA

Now it’s time to remember that the US in any field aspire to become world leaders. And not necessarily at the expense of fair competition or do you still believe in fairy tales about the invisible hand of the market? In one of last year’s speeches Barack Obama said that the U.S. must become a leader in the field of environmental protection. He called the fight against climate change a key factor in U.S. hegemony in the world.

It was then, and will need a home experience in the collection “ecological rent”. The Kyoto Protocol was developed by Europeans and under European environmental standards, which most European countries already have followed. States and not ratified the Protocol because it did not conform to the interests of the United States. But the USA is still interested in to send to his investment flows, which will be used for the development of new technologies.

The States now need to promote a new mechanism for the regulation of environmental aspects of industrial development, which will better serve the interests of the US and American companies. It is unlikely Obama will have time to do it, but the next U.S. President must do so, even if they are Donald trump.

Of course, the adoption of a mechanism of collection of “ecological rent” on a global level will be preceded by strong statements of American politicians and the media debate. The outcome document will actually put industrial development all over the world under the control of a globalized American law. And rest assured against any company that is suspected or excessive environmental pollution, or tax evasion, rent, will be filed a lawsuit. Business of the company would roll downhill, it will become bankrupt, and the impaired assets will buy up American TNCs.

This turn of Affairs should be prepared in advance and to find the antidote. Nobody cancelled the Reagan doctrine, which proclaims the aim – world military, political and economic domination of the USA. Any statements and actions of Washington should be considered in light of this doctrine.

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